Shaman Jackson Blake is in his 34 th day of life in this world and wishes all his brothers and sisters a happy and healthy Life.

Shaman Jackson ROCKS BIG TIME. As my dear brother in Tokyo said, another shaman growing up. He is amazing and we are all blessed to have him in OUR world. He has a steel grip for only being 34 days old and his third eye is wide open big time. His message for this day is, drum roll please, make some fun out there and squeeze as many acts of random kindness as you can in your brand new 24 hours of life on this wonderful planet Earth. Ubuntu 🙂

He wants all his brothers and sisters to know he has chosen not to be vaccinated, take drugs or use chemicals on his journey in this world. He plans on being with us for 150 years and to help us all realize healing is NOT drugs, chemcials and Vaccines. Healing is awakening the Doctor within us all that replaces trillions of cells each and everyday. All we have to do is practice mindful healing and take care of our bodies, and we will all enjoy optimum cell replication.

To awaken the Doctor within, Shaman Jackson recommends avoiding drugs, chemicals and vaccines, drinking clean water and eating the best food possible ( organic with NO GMO), he recommends all of you check out his grandfather’s web site and see what he recommends for optimum healthimage

Be the change you wish to see in this world by moving your feet and being kind to all creatures great and small, including yourself.

Blessings upon the day.

Shaman Jackson Blake