What is Shaman Jackson Blake tell his grandpa, Dr. Stephen Blake about OUR world?

Knowing is NOT Knowing. Mindfulness is the Path.

Day 10 of ️Shaman Jackson’s arrival into this world.  He is so peaceful. When I gaze into his amazing eye, I see a pool of Love and eternal ️Wisdom flowing into our world. I am so grateful for being in this world with my 4th grandson, Shaman Jackson He instructed me to tell you all that the time of you AND me is upon us all.  Our path is LOVE/ Mindfulness, for all creatures great and small✌. The next 1000 years will be the best time in the history of this known world. The collective consciousness is at the highest it has ever been and our opportunity for world Peace is upon us NOW. Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu

He wants everyone to know he entered this world drug and vaccine free. He plans on spending his next 150 years of service the same way.

He wants you all to know that Heath is Not Drugs, Chemicals and Vaccines as we know them today. Health is Mindfulness of all creatures great and small.

Please share our words with all you know. We call this paying it forward.

Shaman Jackson and Dr. Blake