VOTER FRAUD was committed November 3, 2020. President Trump WON by a landslide and the VOTER FRAUD in all 50 states prevented this truth from being revealed to the American people. Voter fraud is a capital offense and treason against America and all Americans. Traitors hang slowly in eternal darkness. Truth will always set you free and there WILL be justice for ALL NOW. Where We Go 1 We Go All. Aho and so it is, Dr Stephen R Blake DVM on this day November 15, 2020. I will always be a free American until my last breath on planet Earth.

Dr. Stephen R Blake DVM knows what truth is. For it is said , a warrior walks alone until he meets a fellow warrior on the same path of truth. Together they are the change the WORLD needs NOW. I have always been a warrior since the day I hit Mother Earth. In veterinary medicine I was taught that if something smells, looks, sounds or feels like FECES aka SHIT, it is FECES!

Global warming, Socialism, Communism, Biden et al, all fall under what I was taught in Medical School. After 73+ spins around the Earth I have gotten really GOOD at diagnosing FECES when it comes before me.

Facebook blocked me for 30 days because I dare share the truth about Biden and DEMONCRATS ( I was one for 50 years until I woke up 2 years ago and realized I had misdiagnosed the DEMONCRATIC Party!) Once I realized I had been scammed, I researched what President Trump had been doing for America and the world ( MAGAPILL.COM ) and joined the Republican party to support the greatest president in the history of our country, President Donald J. Trump 2020 and forever free!

I have created a Parler account Join me on Parler Social Media! . Dr. Stephen R Blake DVM ! I also joined MeWe and Rumble as well. Here I am not being denied my 1st amendment rights under the constitution of America like I am under Face Book, traitors to America just like Twitter, Instagram and Google!

When I see a Biden sign in a yard, I pray for the people who live there. They are either HATERS of President Trump or STUPID or both. Anyone who has a bumper sticker or sign in the their yard with Biden on it should have this sign right next to it! I AM STUPID !

President Trump supports NO mandatory vaccines, he supports alternative medicine and freedom of medical choice, education, worship, and pro-LIFE AND


If you want to have a world of PEACE, PROSPERITY and JUSTICE FOR ALL,

YOU MUST VOTE for the BEST President in the history of AMERICA

President Donald J. Trump 2020 FOREVER FREE 1776 and beyond. ?