I have been blessed to be in the company of my Buddhist brothers and sisters at the Deer Park Monastery for the past 2 years. I have been blessed to be a student of Zen Buddhism under the wings of Thay ( Thich Nhat Hanh) and it has helped me find true happiness🙏

One of the meditations I thoroughly enjoy is the silent eating meditation practice. I have reflected on this practice for two years and during that time while traveling in the Andes Mountains of Peru, I wrote these words about my personal experience with the practice of Mindful Eating to share with all of you.
Please enjoy my journey with this practice and do your best to welcome it into your life.

Oceans of Peace,
Dr. Stephen Blake

Mindful Eating
Dr. Stephen Blake aka Medicine Man
October 23, 2014

The Earth gives us life and nourishes us all. She asks nothing in return for her life giving services. Our purpose  in this physical world is one of service to all that is, all creatures great and small.
Mindfulness is our true path and in all things we are to be mindful. The gift of food from our Mother Earth is one with the INTERBEING of all that is. Each molecule of our food is one with the Universe and no less than the journey of the stars.

As in  all mindful practices, eating is No more or no less than any other act of mindful being. As in all mindfulness, there is no judging of self or others, only the compassion for all beings one and all.
Before entering the eating space, take a deep breath, clear your mind, center, relax and smile. With each step and breath you you take as you move into this magical space where food miraculously comes to you, smile and feel the joy of every molecule that is this moment. As you  prepare to fill the empty bowl held gently in your skillful  hands, center, relax and smile and feel the joy of the universe vibrating within you.

As you fill your bowl, Smile and feel the joy of all that is before you. Each movement is gentle, smooth and beautiful as a heart that generates love. Feel the joy of all the interbeings that are one with you this space and the universe.
Before finding your sitting place, stop, breathe and smile. Without thinking go where you know to sit without knowing. As you walk in stillness, express your gratitude with your beautiful smile and walk gently upon the Earth.

Before sitting, give thanks for all that allowed you to experience this moment, smile and gently be seated. Pause in silence and greet this moment of mindful eating with a smile and joy in your heart.
Close your eyes and hear without hearing the precious food before you share its Loving give away story with you as you become one. Feel the amazing magic of your body waiting patiently to transform this precious food into the life force that gives you life in this magical world.

As you gently bring the first molecule of food to your body, feel the saliva preparing for its arrival and every cell in your body smiling in anticipation of their brother and sister, the food’s return home.
Eyes closed, feel the joy of all the brother and sister spirits around you, experiencing the joy of BEING with each bite you are gifted. Smile and see yourself mindfully eating with compassion for all beings. See without seeing the precious food traveling back in time from this moment to its inception as a thought. Feel the joy of the moment the creator conceived of the magical thought of the grain of rice you are joining with. Feel the gratitude that wells up from your heart for being the recipient of this mystery of life.

Close your eyes, Take a deep breath, Be still in mind and body and allow self to be. Feel the joy of the Universe smiling within you with each bite you take. Feel the laughter of the Universe welling up inside you as you know without knowing, the Universe is friendly and that this moment is you.
Smile and make your vow to use all of the life gifted to you to allow your skillful hands to preserve this Amazing Universe and all that is.
Breathe, smile, and gently give thanks for all the joy of mindful eating. Mindfully rise, smile and walk in peace, as you leave this moment of mindful eating.
️PEACE is the path we all are. Be compassionate with self and all beings great and small.

So what are Medicine Man and his young Bushman friend from West Africa talking about?


How about…drum roll please… What can ONE do to stay HEAL-THY in this world we call Planet Earth?