barefeet at Tahoe
Where is Dr Blake now and why the bare feet?
Lake Tahoe California
Over the nearly 68 years in the laboratory of life, I have learned many things about staying healthy. The most important aspect of being healthy is ..drum roll please….BE HAPPY.  Health and wealth are well and good but being HAPPY is number ONE.
While walking  thousands of miles upon this amazing planet, I have found the NUMBER TWO way to stay HEALTHY



Earthing….the act of touching the Earth Directly with our skin. In a given day, the average person never touches the Earth with their skin because they are insulated by the rubber/plastic in their shoes, tires on their car, floor coverings , their beds, Etc. Etc. Etc.
Go to my link on Earthing MOVE your feet and buy at least the sheets for your bed and or a pad for your work space or resting space during the day.
Whenever you can, remove your shoes and walk on the Earth, grass or rocks to allow the healing properties of the Earth to help you obtain optimum health.
Make your day and get Earthing NOW.
Ubuntu, Please share.
Dr Stephen Blake