me and me
This is a picture of me and me. Me when I was 7 years old on the left and me 60 years later on the right. What a disguise  . As you all know I am a big fan of Earthing and my latest addition to Earthing besides walking barefoot 90% of the time is putting mud on me from over a thousand feet below the Earth’s surface. What fun and it is all natural with no side effects. LOL 
As I was walking barefoot with mud all over me, I wrote the following.
In the silence of my mind, I hear the stillness that is the knowing without knowing ALL is well in the Universe.
I hear without hearing, Walk gently upon  the Earth, NO regrets, NO fears and always grateful  for whatever comes my way each and everyday.
I breathe in and my mind is clear like a calm river flowing. I breathe out and I smile.
In my heart I know Ubuntu is me and YOU.
 Check out what I have written about Earthing on my web site and how you can use this low tech  way of optimizing your health and that of your family.
Mudmen Rule LOL
Dr Steve