February 10, 2011

Dear President Obama,

I just read this and cannot believe you are not aware of the LEGALIZED DRUG SCAM our government is a part of and now is in the business of forcing AMERICANS to die at the hands of DRUGS they do not need and do not heal but kill.

Dr. Mercola wrote the following on his site http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/02/07/us-government-starts-its-own-drug-company.aspx

The $1 billion in funding being used to start a new government-funded drug company dubbed the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) may sound innocuous — but it isn’t.

The definition of fascism includes centralized government, government control of business, and repression of criticism or opposition. In fact, Benito Mussolini, the originator of fascism, defined it as “the moment when you couldn’t put a cigarette paper between political and corporate power.”

Soon the government and “private investors” will be working even more closely together to define what medicine is — and repress whatever they say it isn’t. This is a strong indication of the United States is transitioning into a fascist government.

Why a Government-Sponsored Drug Company is a Very BAD Idea

The federal government already has a long history of siding with, and protecting, the drug companies, such as:

  • Previous drug company funding — to the tune of $2 billion — in helping drug companies bring flu vaccines to the market faster. Letting drug giants like Pfizer off the hook for fraudulent marketing charges so their products could continue to flow through Medicare and Medicaid
  • Including incentives in the “Affordable Health Care for America Act” for people to purchase more expensive prescription drugs in favor of their less expensive over-the-counter cousins.

There should be no doubt about the power the drug industry already wields in shaping the U.S. health care system, but a new National Center dedicated to developing drugs takes the connection between government and U.S. medicine to an untold new level of closeness.

It is no surprise when you consider that the drug companies have the largest political lobby — and that securing a job with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is frequently a revolving door with the drug companies. It is very common for many high-ranking FDA officials to get lucrative consulting positions with the drug companies after they quit.

And the converse is also very common. Federal officials can get paid millions by the drug companies before they make the switch over to the FDA, like the current FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg did with Henry Schein.

There are, of course, glaring problems with a drug company sponsored by the government, not the least of which is that no one is minding the store: The people who develop the drugs are far too intricately involved with the people who ultimately determine their approval.

And the more you have the government involved in developing new drugs and vaccines, the more you will likely see an even stronger push for vaccine mandates and scare-based vaccine campaigns like the ones that occurred during the outrageous swine flu debacle.

Also, the more you will see the government granting their approval only to the drugs and treatments that their “science” has deemed worthwhile, while natural treatments like herbal remedies and supplements continue to be put on the regulatory chopping block — just as they have recently done with 

vitamin C, natural thyroid hormones, vitamin B6, bioidentical hormones and countless other natural products that have threatened the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

Do the Drug Giants Really Need More Money for Research?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been quick to say that NCATS is “not intended to be a drug company.” Yet, their definition of the Center sounds like anything but:

“It [NCATS] is a facilitator of translational research across the NIH and complementary to translational research already being conducted and supported on a large scale in the individual NIH Institutes and Centers. NCATS will seek ways to leverage science to bring new ideas and materials to the attention of industry by demonstrating their value.”

Even NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins told Reuters:

“NIH has never done anything quite like this … We are asking how can we improve the success of getting the ideas from an early stage to a successful clinical trial, because there is a terrible failure rate right now …

This is a great opportunity for NIH to tighten up our partnership with industry in terms of development of therapeutics …

It solves a problem for them, too. As you know, the success of getting new drugs approved by FDA has been pretty spotty over the past few years in spite of investment. Pharmaceutical companies are pretty frustrated … They love this idea because it is a way of filling their pipeline.”

Along with taxpayers contributing to this funding, NIH will also receive royalties that Collins says will “feed back into NIH so that the taxpayers’ investment will be repaid.” So the government will soon be directly profiting from any drugs they help create.

This new drug center is being portrayed as a way for the government to lend struggling drug companies a hand and keep new lifesaving drugs flowing into the United States.

But there are two problems with this logic:

  1. The drug companies have no shortage of spending money … they’re just not spending it on research and development. Historically, drug companies have been known to spend almost twice as much money for marketing and advertising than for research.
  2. Drug companies, by and large, are not here to improve health but to provide expensive solutions by treating the symptoms of disease without addressing the cause.

And a health care system — and government — that continues to buy into this methodology, which focuses on drugs and surgical interventions instead of valuing your body’s innate ability to heal when given proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, will ultimately fail you.

U.S. Government Continues to Show its True Colors

In all of the recent debate about health care, where was the debate about limiting unnecessary, ineffective treatments and stopping fraud (that is so often perpetuated by the drug companies the government is now again supporting)? And why is no one talking about the fact that there are effective, inexpensive natural-based alternatives?

These are the discussions that could actually make Americans’ healthier … but the fact of the matter is that the Big Pharma Cartel has a supreme hold over our government, and this is, most likely, why you do not see any discussions about these very real, underlying problems — and why the drug companies, not you or your family’s health, will be the primary beneficiaries of NCATS.

Further, remember that the definition of fascism is a government system that has complete power in regimenting all industry and forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism. With the development of NCATS, the U.S. government just got one step closer to meeting this definition.

But, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy into their agenda.

As long as you rely on using drugs and surgical interventions, you will simply never experience the magic of allowing your body to create the healing.

Like most significant issues, this change is best accomplished one person at a time. The goal is to ultimately have a critical mass of people refuse the unnecessarily dangerous and counterproductive solutions currently offered by conventional medicine. That will serve as the powerful stimulus to generate authentic change in the system.

So I suggest you begin to take control of your health. Learn about the foods and lifestyle changes that can make and keep you well, and share them with your friends, family and community. There are more than 1.6 million people who receive this newsletter, and together we can make a huge difference.

I am sad to have to say I  feel the same way Dr. Mercola does. When government and industry are in bed together, we have fascism not democracy. Please be the voice of reason and stop this insanity before it is to late and more Americans die unnecessarily at the hands of the DRUG COMPANIES.

You are always in our prayers. Thank you for all the good you do in this world.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen R. Blake DVM, CVH, CVA