Why are Dr. Blake’s feet and his brother the Sea Turtle SMILING so BIG? 

The picture of my feet and my Sea Turtle Brother after waking on the beaches of Kauai playing my native American Flute came up on my computer today and how much bare-footing has helped my overall HEAL-TH. on this day, the 347th day of the year 2017, the best day in the history of this world we call planet Earth.

This video came to me via a good friend on Kauai who knows I LOVE bare-footing. Take a few minutes to learn from this video about the benefits of BARE-FOOTING.

After you watch the video click the LINK below that will take you to my web site to learn more about what I have discovered about bare-footing on my travels on planet EARTH.

Earthing Products

You will also have a link in my writing to a source to all the COOL Earthing products I use in my daily practice of OPTIMUM CELL REPLICATION.

Earthing Products

For those who feel their feet are just not ready for BARE-FOOTING… check out my favorite FOOT Wear that is as close to BARE-FOOTING as you can get.. Xeroshoes… they are amazing .

Click the link and you will see why Medicine Man has HAPPY FEET and OPTIMUM HEAL-TH 🙂

What Does Dr. Blake aka Medicine Recommend for HAPPY FEET??

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