The Wisdom within these two books saved Dr. Stephen Blake’s life and showed him the way to Inner Happiness respectively !

Day 266 of the year 2017, the best day in the history of the world we know as planet Earth. Yea whoever is reading this is ALIVE 🙂

The reason I posted this picture again is to draw attention to the wisdom within the books, Colostrum and Awaken the Inner Shaman that saved Medicine Man’s life over 20 years ago and helped him to find TRUE inner HAPPINESS respectively.

As I sat quietly rereading these two books gazing out upon beautiful Lake Tahoe, my heart beamed a BIG ASS SMILE and reminded me of my promise to myself over 20 years ago.. “When I find out how to save my life and be happy, I promise I will share my discoveries with all creatures great and small!”

This is a short version of what happened to me many moons ago🙏✌😇❤

After being a veterinarian for 24 years, I became deathly ill and nearly lost my life in January of 1997. I had to shut down my practice and was unable to work for 2 years. During that time I tried many modalities to help me regain my health with minimum results.

Finally after nearly two years, I was forced to start working again by my insurance company who did not want to continue paying my small disability monthly support unless I started practicing again. I started out with a few cases per week to see how I would hold up and during those first few weeks back working part time, many of my old clients heard I was taking some cases once again and started contacting me.

One of them was a phone consultation client in Chicago who had been researching colostrum and contacted me to see what I thought about colostrum as a nutritional supplement. I read all the literature she sent me and it was not what I had been taught in medical school. It provided me with scientific papers and articles on the use of colostrum dating back 6000 years.

I was fascinated by what I was reading and ordered some bovine colostrum to try on the few patients I was now caring for. As fate would have it, as soon as it arrived I came down with the worst flu I had ever had and so I decided to try it out on myself first to see what my laboratory inside me had to say about colostrum.

I ONLY took colostrum and none of my usual herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies to see how colostrum did on its own with my current acute illness. The results were AMAZING. Within 24 hours I was symptom free and had no lingering flu symptoms to deal with.

That was NOT the really good news…..The really good news was for the first time in 2 years I started to feel better and saw light at the end of the tunnel of regaining my health back once again. It took a year of taking the colostrum but over time I completely recovered and was able to resume a full time home practice by the end of 1999😇😇😇

Once again My Friends the Animals saved my life so that I would be able to experience LIVING 20+ and counting of planet Earth🙏 I am eternally grateful for having the honor of serving all creatures great and small here in this amazing world we call Earth 🙏❤✌👍😇😇

I had made myself a promise that when I found out how to cure myself of my illness I would share the product that helped me heal myself. That product is Bovine Colostrum.

The book in the picture was written by Robert K. York, M.D. , Colostrum A journey Toward Better Health and Brighter Tomorrows….His journey with Colostrum is similar to mine and his book explained very simply why I call Bovine Colostrum, Nature’s Forgotten Miracle !

You can read about what I have written about Imuteck Bovine Colostrum on my web site and how to order it. It is under the pull down for heath tips and products at the top of the home page🙏

The second book is Awaken the Inner Shaman by Jose Stevens (you order from with the link below)

and it has brought me to the highest level on inner peace so far in my 70+ years on Planet Earth… My teacher and brother Thich Naht Hanh (Peace is Every Breath) also has been my teacher for the past 4+ years in the spiritual practice of Zen Buddhism.


I have written 5 Mindful practices you can read on my web site ; . Go to my resources pull down on the right side of my home page and scroll down to find my writings.

Please take the time to read what I have to share and share it with all you know and it will help all creatures great and small, including you😁🙏✌

LIFE is NOT chosen, it is LIVED🙏❤✌😇

Amandala awethu ubuntu rugari,
Power to the people, we are all one, PEACE in African dialect I learned in 2015 biking from Victoria falls to Cape Town South Afirca.

Aho, ( The path or and so it is in Lakota Sioux)

Medicine Man