feet Tahoe

Why is Dr Blake SMILING so BIG?  Why do his feet look like this? 

I woke at 3 am this morning and heard a voice calling me to watch a video I had just been given to me by my friends at Earthing, Corky and Kathleen Downing. After watching half of it I was emailing Dr. Laura Koniver MD who is in the film and Steve Kroschel the film maker. Here is a short a link to a trailer of the movie Grounded. A must watch.
One of the stories in the video made me very sad. Steve Kroschel had given a grounding device to a woman who was on disability and she quit using it because it worked and she was afraid she would loose her disability income. How sad is that?
The happy side of the film , which is all of it, is how many people benefited from a low tech method of natural healing. Check out what I have written about it and how to get grounded NOW.
Please pay it forward and get GROUNDED NOW.
The picture of me SMILING BIG time and MY DIRTY FEET, are after 9 hours of barefooting up at Lake Tahoe. My feet were smoking and I had a blast. Got me ready for my trek in the Andes a few months later at Salkantay pass and 5 days of hard treking and a TON of fun.
Salkantay pass