wyland and doc dolphin
Why is Shaman Blake smiling so big? Check out what he and
Wyland got to do today.
What A blast I had hanging with the greatest artist on our planet Earth. Wyland. Please support his work. He is the real deal. Oceans of Peace
This a video of me playing for my amazing little brother Wyland as he makes his magic happen upon the canvas of life. Please share and help him in his work to preserve OUR precious Planet EARTH.
One thing the animals have taught me is the Health is NOT spelled DRUGS, CHEMICALS and VACCINES. Make sure you take a little time OUR of your day to read what SHAMAN Jackson, SHAMAN LOUIE and SHAMAN BLAKE do each day to stay HEALTHY so they can enjoy the GIFT of yet another brand new 24 hours on the most amazing planet in the UNIVERSE, Mother Earth.
Please share with all you know and ask them to do the same.
Shaman Jackson, Shaman Louie and Shaman Blake