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How to be Happy, Healthy and have a Prosperous life by Dr. Stephen R. Blake aka Medicine Man
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After being on planet Earth for over 69 years and spending most of it promoting HEALTH, I want to share some of what I have learned about living a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Life.
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HAPPINESS is the MOST important component of a HEALTH. HAPPINESS is knowing you are on the right path. The right path is PEACE within yourself. To have PEACE within yourself, you must be KIND to yourself and ALL Creatures Great and Small. Being KIND to oneself means to do your best to NOT have NEGATIVE thoughts about yourself or others. Being KIND to yourself and OUR planet also requires us to be MINDFUL about thoughts, words and actions each and everyday. I have written articles on MINDFULNESS practices on my web site on HEALING, WALKING, WAKING and EATING. I invite you to take some time out of your day and feel my words before getting into the specifics of what I do in my personal life to BE ALIVE.
I have been teaching that HEALTH is NOT spelled Drugs, Chemicals and Vaccines for over 30 years. “No one ever got a headache from a deficiency of aspirin!”    HEALTH IS spelled OPTIMUM CELL REPLICATION. OCR is accomplished with the A,B,C’s of HEALTH  A = Avoidance of all that is toxic aka Drugs,Chemicals, Vaccine, thoughts, toxic water and food. B= Building up the system or systems of the body that have been blocked by aforementioned   TOXINS. C=Cleansing the body to remove and prevent toxins fro accumulating or entering the body respectively. This is explained on my web site https://www.thepetwhisperer.com/what-is-dr-blake-talking-about-when-he-refers-to-mindful-healing/, in my book Gemmotherapy for OUR Animal Friends and webinars also on my web site https://www.thepetwhisperer.com/book/.
Gemmotherapy book
At the young age of 69+ years in the laboratory of life, I am the healthiest I have ever been. This is not to say I have been unhealthy but rather NOT at an OPTIMUM level of Cell Replication, OCR. In the following part of this newsletter I will go into more detail about what I have discovered about obtaining OCR and staying that way.
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After caring for all creatures great and small for nearly half a century, I have discovered that most people do NOT know what healing or health looks like. To be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous, you MUST be able to recognize what HEALING and HEALTH look like so you will be AWARE when what you are doing is WORKING or NOT working for you individually.
In Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth,(published in 2005) on  pages 75 and 76 he makes this profound statement.
“According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical treatment is the third-leading cause of death after  heart disease and caner in the United States. Homeopathy and Chinese  medicine are two examples of possible alternative approaches to disease that do not treat the illness as enemy and therefore  do not create  new  disease.”
That was published over 11 years ago and it has gotten worse, not better. As Albert Einstein said it best, ” Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein
This unfortunately has been the case of Western Medicine.
I am not saying it does not have a place in the healing arts, I am saying its place is in emergency medicine and surgery.
Avoidance is a key part in allowing Optimum Cell Replication to take place in all creatures great and small.
I have found over these many decades that as a healer one must consider all aspects of a patient’s history. This includes their environment, family, herbicides, pesticides, drugs, chemicals, vaccines, water, food and air etc. Often times as I take a medical history and ask about these topics, the caregiver will say,” I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE. “
When an animal has symptoms of DIS-EASE, there is a reason for it. The body does not create random symptoms, it has a purpose in doing so. Fever, sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, eruptions, discharges, coughing, etc. are the body’s attempt to correct its DIS-EASE state.
Dr. Albert Schweitzer  said it best about healing, “The Great Doctor awakens the Doctor within.”
In order to awaken the Doctor within the patient, the Healer must have the tools to do so without harming the patient. As a caregiver you have the same responsibility as the Doctor to do no HARM.
Make a check list of what you are exposing your dog and your family to in your home that potentially could be contributing to their DIS-EASE state . Anything that is TOXIC must be eliminated from entering your pet or your home to the best of your ability. Use non toxic cleaners in your home. I recommend Thieves Cleaner and Foaming Hand soap
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thieves hand soap
Start with the yard and STOP using any herbicides or pesticides EVER. Make sure if you have a gardener, they are not using toxic chemicals without you knowing about it. This goes for the inside of your home as well.
Next look at your water supply. I recommend whole house water purification systems or at least a good carbon filter for the water you drink or share with your animal companion. Bathing of you friend should be with shampoos that do not contain dyes and sodium laurel sulphate.
The food you feed your animals should be only made from quality ingredients with no artificial flavoring or coloring, no animal by-products or artificial preservatives.
The Edge algea
Algae is an excellent source of all your micro-nutrient needs and also is excellent for heavy metal detoxification food. 
Klamath Lake Blue Algea is my favorite GREEN food supplement for myself and my animals. The Edge Tm. .  is the brand I use and trust.  You can order them by simply clicking here:
I recommend that you try to use ONLY  natural products for treating external and internal parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice, heartworm and internal parasites. Keeping your animal on chemicals for these parasites have many side effects and you can keep your animals free of parasites without them.
vaccine needles
To vaccinate or not vaccinate, that is the question?
To vaccinate or not vaccinate is a key issue in obtaining OCR. Vaccines as we know them today, do cause chronic disease in all animals. The decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate is a personal choice, not one I can make for you. My experience over nearly half a century has proven to me that vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Do your homework and at the end of the day, make your decision on science not FEAR. You can read what I have to share on this topic at https://www.thepetwhisperer.com/health-tips/vaccinations/
Prescription and over the counter drugs are also potential creators of DIS-EASE in the animals and we should all do our best to not use them. Try natural products that do not have side effects and address directly the need of the body. Remember,
I recommend learning about Gemmotherapy, Colostrum, Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Herbal medicine to use in place of DRUGS. Drugs have a place in less than 1% of my patients, all the rest are drug, chemical and vaccine free.
The most important thing to remember about H E A L T H is the Most Toxic substance on the planet is NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.( Others say Plutonium)
Be MINDFUL of ALL of your thoughts, they are the ONLY thing you can control.
The SECOND most TOXIC Substance is
It is everywhere in our world. Do not fear it, DO SOMETHING about it.
 Mercury Toxicity causes
Thyroid, Pineal and adrenal diseases, estrogen dominance,  fibroids, abnormal bleeding, Polycystic ovary syndrome, accelerated aging, Cancer, Autoimmune disease, metabolic disease, blocks glutathione pathways (Most powerful antioxidant in our bodies), Liver and kidney diseases, Depresses the immune system, etc.
Where is MERCURY coming from?
Vaccines, The Amalgam Fillings in your mouth (made of 43 and 53% Mercury) , Calcium supplements derived from bone ( Mercury accumulates in bone), burning of coal and shale release tons of Mercury into our atmosphere every year are the main sources.
What can we do about it?
1. Stop vaccinating.
2. Get a filter to remove Mercury  from your water supply. Have your Amalgam fillings removed by a dentist familiar with the toxicity of Mercury
3. Push for legislation for alternative  energy sources instead of burning coal, shale and oil.
4. Heavy Metal Detoxification for you and your animals  to be discussed in part 3 of this Newsletter.
Please read and share my words, they will save a life.
Amandala awethu ubuntu
Dr. Stephen R. Blake
Medicine Man