Novartis Animal Health Halts Production of Various Drugs for Pets
In June of 2011, Novartis, a drug manufacture received the following FDA concern about their operation and about the safety of the drugs they were manufacturing for people and animals.
Inspection period by FDA 06/13/2011 -07/08/20 11 “June
Your Quality Unit has failed in the responsibility and authority to monitor Quality Systems designed to assure the quality of drug products manufactured and packaged at your firm. This failure is evidenced in the Observations below (2-l3), as well as continued NDA Field Alerts and recalls for similar problems over the last several years.
As of On January 8th, Novartis announced that it was voluntarily recalling a number of its leading human products produced at the plant including Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin and Gas-X while it strengthens quality standards.
Over the past month Novartis closed an important manufacturing plant in Lincoln, Nebraska in response to consumer complaints it has received regarding a number of its leading human consumer medications..
The message is loud and clear. This is but another example of how unsafe both the manufacturing of these drugs and the drugs themselves are for human or animal consumption.
You can read Steve Dale’s complete article by going to the following link.
Please take the time to read this and pay it forward to all you know. It is definitely time to say NO to DRUGS, CHEMICALS and VACCINES as we KNOW THEM TODAY.
Dr. Stephen Blake and Dr. Louie