Dr. Andrew Wakefield is one of the few honest physicians in the world. We all need to hear and share his words of truth about vaccines with all we know and ask them to do the same.


This is Dr. Andrew Wakefield allowed to talk!
This is VERY IMPORTANT, especially the Q and A at the end.
His case makes it CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR that what the media, any journalist or even government officials does, is out of the hands of the doctor that gives the jab,
every doctor, as every veterinarian, needs to accept the responsibility for what they do to their patients. IF they do not perform DUE DILIGENCE in investigating these
problems with vaccines and instead just administer the jabs as a profit center and follow the agenda for those who profit-this problems is all public relations, not PUBLIC HEALTH.

His comments about how low the government will stoop to avoid liability, how easily they avoid responsibility once found out that it was making a market for a vaccine and helping to profit from selling unsafe vaccines, cheap vaccines, the fascist atmosphere is being found out. The public wants above all else vaccine safety and that is why the truth will be found out. The attempts to silence dissent, will not save the unsafe and unnecessary vaccine market for the drug companies. This is NOT the first time they have found SKB/GSK making a market for a vaccine (Hep B also). The criminals need to be brought to justice!

He shows clearly that drug companies do not have drugs to make money from now, that it is the VACCINE that is being used to make their obscene profits.
Genetically engineered recombinant DNA in the HPV vaccine? This is another Pandora’s box unleashed on the public.


Subject: : NEW VIDEO: Dr. Andrew Wakefield exposes defective vaccine used by the establishment to the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons

Remember this child’s face and promise yourself you will not let this happen to your child or any other. Be an Peaceful Activist and just

Here are the words of my good friend and fellow Veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan. Please take the time to read what she has to share with you all.

Make today a great and visualize a world with NO VACCINES as we KNOW THEM TODAY NOW!


This is great Stephen!
I have to say, listening to Dr. Andrew Wakefield of which there are 5 physicians in his family ……gives us hope that there really are good people with medical licenses in this world. He was targeted for “neutralization” by Rupert Murdock, the media mogul highly, highly invested in Pharmaceuticals. His son sits at the head of GSK not surprisingly. They are all so connected even to the Lancelet that first published Wakefield et al paper that they tried to hang him on. Brian Deer is the so called “journalist” of Murdoch’s that set out to discredit Wakefield and in the process, free the vaccine industry of the death bomb Wakefield actually is.


Not surprisingly Murdock owns Warner brothers that recently put out that movie CONTAGION, that I am sure was used to fear monger everyone into taking the damn shots. That movie also tried to downplay risks of vaccines and complained of the holdup performing any safety studies HELLO!


So, the kicker is right now Murdock has been brought front and center for his employee journalists committing wire tapping and privacy violations so it is not hard to guess how Brian Deer, Murdock’s attack dog got private information to be the front man shuttling certain medical records to the agencies in order to try and paint Wakefield as a fraud.


Brain Deer should go is useful and go through Louis Pasteur’s work if he wants to out a “true fraud”, committing unethical research…


I know that Wakefield will be vindicated and it serves Murdock and fellow criminals, UK Government, GSK, related criminal relationships…….that they all for their reward in hanging Wakefield by his license……receive the benefits of his intense investigation to clear his name.


The truth, his truth will set us all free when we all get it, that the government, the drug companies, their associated media outlets,they make decisions on money not public health, and they are more about public relations than public health.

I have funneled information to the autism doctors through contacts of Generation Rescue to the Autism researchers.  Specifically they wanted to share the work from my poster session at NCH meeting in 2010 How vaccines dys regulate the immune system. I was happy to hear Wakefield refer to the vaccines causing gene expression of disease states that happen because of the vaccine…..so, the ripple effect of passing anything we found forward, like you are doing with this video posting is the way to one by one get all the public to see. I ask everyone to TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW……..
Since they have sewed up the media from telling us the truth, we have to use what we have to get the truth out!
Good going!

Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM



Tell your insurance company and your doctor, that you do not want vaccines as part of your health care NOW.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Stephen R. Blake



Dr. Scheibner has over 6,000 bankable hours reviewing scientific publications on vaccines, I think the revelations will ASTOUND YOU.

One by one she goes through the vaccines. Get ready………..the hidden truth tells you the logic reason to accept vaccines is FLAWED.


and the chart to show you how this process comes to pass.