This is a picture of my dear friend and fellow veterinarian, Dr. Patricia Jordan. She is by far the most informed veterinarian in the world when it comes to the dangers of vaccines and she is has made it her life’s mission to make sure the truth about the fact vaccines are unsafe and ineffective is heard by all animal caregivers in the world. Her book Mark of the Beast Hidden in Plain Sight, is a must read for all who want to learn the history of how the myth of vaccines began and where it is today.
Here is a must view video created by Ellen Welk , narrated by Dr. Patricia Jordan on the true story of the myth, that vaccine is necessary for health.
‎**Remember, the ONLY vaccine required by law is the rabies vaccine for dogs and…

horses. Only 25 states in America require it for cats. All other vaccines are optional. Do not over-vaccinate your animals!
Dr. Jordan is a good friend and brilliant voice for the rights of our animals to JUST SAY NO TO VACCINES.
Please take the time to listen to her words of wisdom and share them with all you know. This random act of kindness will save animals from the unsafe practice of vaccines as we know them today.
Thank you from Dr Louie and Dr. Blake