Simple way to patch shoulder pain

Shoulder pain affects almost anyone either due to an unhealthy posture or an underlying medical condition. It can bring a significant impact on your overall productivity especially when shoulder pain is characterized by stiffness and limited movement.

Dr. Blake recommends using LifeWave’s IceWave patches, Bovine Colostrum and Gemmotherapy for helping the body heal joint related issues.

You can read about Bovine Colostrum on page  and Gemmotherapy on . He recommends using Wild Woodvine and Common Juniper (Both Gemmotherapy remedies) and 500 mg/ 25 pounds of body weight once per day for Bovine Colostrum.

But thanks to ICEWAVE PATCHES you can simply use the following steps to put shoulder pain at bay:

Step 1: Apply a TAN IceWave patch to the shoulder, on the area of pain. Step 2: Apply a WHITEIceWave Patch on Stomach 38 on the same side of the body.

Please pay this forward and help another critter Great or Small.

Dr. Stephen Blake and Dr. Louie Blake