I asked Barbara, my very nice client to write up a short story of what happened to her and her good friend Buddy using Lifewave patches, Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy.
Buddy is a 14 year old little canine who was near death a year ago when we first met. It has been a year now since we first started working together and this is where he is today. He is my hero, as all of my animals are to me. You can read other posts on my Hero Buddy below.
Aloha Dr. Stephen and Doc Louie,
All I can say is, Thank God for YOU and your incredible remedies!
LIFEWAVE PATCH… Although for some strange reason I did not want to put the patch on my body…. I put it on my toxic laptop. The results are so absolutely unbelievable that I hardly know what to say. After thinking that I might have to give up my job as a writer, because of the numbness my laptop caused in my arms and head… the patch changed all that. For the FIRST time since my 6 year old computer died, I am able to use the new laptop ALL DAY without any ill affects. I am so OVERJOYED and can NEVER thank you enough for the suggestion. Who would have ever imagined that a patch on a toxic laptop would make such a difference? I still cannot believe it, but it is true… as I sit typing for 6th day in a row. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank you!
GEMMOTHERAPY and HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES… More fantastic news! Buddy is enjoying his 4 bowls with: plain water – sulphur water – phosphorous water – Gemmotherapy/ water combo. He has sampled all of them with beautiful results. Eyes are 100% better, has lots of energy, is SUPER enthusiastic, enjoys relaxing on the patio, and just took me on another 2 mile walk. He looks GREAT and people comment on how cute he looks, spiked hair and all:) Seems so EXTREMELY happy! Wish the vets who predicted his imminent death unless I have him toxic heavy duty steroids could see him now.


Thanks a ZILLION for all you are doing to make this a healthier world and for your courage. I KNOW how difficult it is to go against the mainstream. Cheers to YOU!!!
Love and Peace, Barbara and Buddy Love
The  Lifewave Patch Barbara is talking about, is the Carnosine patch that I suggested she try to reduce the toxicity from the plastic and EMF’s coming from her computer.
Here are a few links on my web site that will get you up to speed on my Hero Buddy.
Mr. Buddy continues to give his other animal friends hope for getting better, even when the specialists say there is NO HOPE.
Sincerely Yours,
Dr Blake and Dr. Louie