Why is Dr. Blake SMILING so BIG about his NEW friend STELLA? 

 Lucky me, I got to be part of yet another miracle in the form of a beautiful dog named Stella and her loving caregiver Mrs. L. I had known Stella’s Mom from decades back and had not had any contact with her of nearly 10 years, when her sad call came in September  2011 about her dear friend Stella.
The condition Stella had been diagnosed with, is an autoimmune disease often triggered by vaccines and or chemicals. She was failing rapidly and in much pain when she arrived at my office on September 2, 2011.  It made me sad to see her in the state she was. The cortisone she was on was barely keeping her functioning but at very low level of quality of life.
She was amazing how she communicated with us by placing herself in different parts of my office during the 2 hours consultation. As soon as she figured out what we were going to do for her, she laid at my feet and slept with a cute little smile on her face. I knew then that she was going to get better and told her Mom to go slow with her and give her time to heal.
With loving care she did just that and turned the corner in a matter of days.By September 6th, 2011 she was off the cortisone and doing well. (4 days amazing). I saw her once more September 30, 2011 and she was doing GREAT.  It was truly amazing and now she is back to being a puppy happier than she has ever been. It is my dream, that in my life time, holistic medicine will no longer be 11th hour medicine but rather the first choice for the care of our animal friends.
Dr. Stephen R. Blake and Dr. Louie Blake

Stella’s Story

My husband and I adopt older dogs from the pound, we always have 2.

It was time to replace our beloved cattle dog as she passed.

I saw that theCarlsbadshelter had 2 cattle dogs so off we headed.

It turned out both cattle dogs were aggressive so we asked for an older non aggressive dog. The handler brought out a few dogs that our male did not like and we thought we had struck out when out came a skinny , timid border collie mix with her tail between her legs.


She looked so sickly and neglected. I asked what was wrong with her and was told she was picked up as a stray and had been abused. Well, she looked so ill there was no way I was interested . My male dog started licking her and she put her wee paw on my leg and gave me a lick and she stole my heart.


We welcomed her into our home and she turned out to be the sweetest dog but so frightened and could barely eat, her eyes were swollen and soon it became clear that she was unable to open her mouth without extreme pain. We took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with an auto immune disease of the muscles that cause inflammation of the jaw. She was prescribed prednisone and I was told she would have to take it the rest of her life. She developed a bleeding ulcer from the high dose steroids and I knew there had to be a better way.


I reconnected with my old friend Dr. Blake who reminded me of the miracle of our bodies to heal if we just regain balance. He got Stella on some draining remedies and life wave patches and some nutritional supplements . after just a few days I was able to take her off the steroids and she is a different dog. Playful, joyful and healthy thanks to Dr. Blake .

 I am so happy to have him in my life.

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