Why is our good friend Buddy so sad?

The reason Buddy is so upset is because he is a damaged child from vaccines and sees the same harm being done to his human children friends. :O(  The latest statistics show that 1:38 male children will develop some form of Autism by the age of 2 years in this country.

This is a sin when the cause is already known and nothing is being done about it. Also there are treatment protocols for the poor children who have been harmed by vaccines and it is not being offered by main stream medicine in this country.

Take the time to listen to Dr. Kenneth Stoller explain in very simple language what the truth is about autism, which is encepholopathy caused by vaccines. Pure and simple. Save a life and pass this on so we can prevent damage to another child.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Stephen Blake


Also this link about the link to seizures and vaccines being one in the same.