Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a hero to all of us. We owe him and his family our support for what he has done to

expose the medical community for betraying their oath to every citizen to prevent suffering and do no harm by selling us all on the idea of vaccinations as we know them today are safe and necessary for our health.

I know you all get tired of hearing me talk about the myth and dangers of vaccines as we know them today. I also know that unless we all become peaceful spiritual activists and make a stand against this unsafe practice, more animals and people of all ages will be killed or forced into a life of chronic disease.

My good friend, Dr. Patricia Jordan wrote the following two piece on the dangers of vaccines, which I would like to share with you all. I have also included some links to a video that makes it very clear why you should never allow anyone to vaccinate your pets, your children or YOU!.
To vaccinate or not that is the questions. Dr Stephen Blake
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Powerful Profile of a Flu Vaccine Victim
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25% increase in asthma and allergies in vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated children.
J. Compton Burnett and others said, you are blighted or you are not vaccinate at all.
What happens after a vaccine is injected depends on your individual genome and its susceptibility. For sure many men of research, Burnett back then and others today have all come up with mathematical models that prove, vaccines do not lower mortality and yet they do increase both morbidity and mobility of the disease they are made to provide immunity.
Aluminum and mercury are certainly capable of protein mutation and even making bad immunoglobins resulting in no immunity, cytotoxic T cells that destroy the heart or any possible number of pathologies as many as there are gene profile expressions of disease. Aluminum open up the CNS and allows viruses, neurotoxin’s-aluminum and mercury into the brain. The neuro tropic viruses are what cause GME a pretty horrific disease that is very high now and in vaccinated populations.
Since they didn’t know for the past 300 years that these viruses they were injecting were not dead or alive but merely blueprints of protein sequences, Whenever………the vital force becomes susceptible and receptive, these viruses injected into the presence of living cells are then capable of infection and replication.
So, this is very much an “energetic” process, also, every injection is actually an “insertion” into the genome that at the right time, like Cialis, becomes an “infection”.
So many of the presentations of vaccinosis are the reflection of the very disease ex. chorea with distemper. The vaccines can not be “killed” or “modified live” because the viruses are not alive to “kill” nor are they “alive” to “modify” what they are is blueprints of potential that our gene profile “expresses” as to each’s vital force susceptibility. The gene insertion that occurs when we with hubris “inject” “allow insertion” and therefore “infection” of these protein sequences.
As you get older, you expend your bodies ability to contain these potentials. The aluminum adjuvant for instance is known to mutate the P53 oncogene which is our antiviral security system and tumor police. Enough mutating and cancer expresses.
The vaccines cause oxidative damage and without constant free radical scavenging, aging occurs. These patients that are slammed with vaccines, many in short period of time and then they are described by their owners as “aging ten years overnight”. Early aging, which by the way was also reversible with energetic medicine (homeopathy)-so food for thought on what is possible.
Also, the insertion into the genome explains the vertical transmission of vaccine damage to the next generation..Especially if the other partner is vaccine damaged. The higher probability due to higher susceptibility in the offspring.
If congenital problems are evident even something like late eruption of teeth, this signifies a victim for sure very early with the very first immune assault via vaccination that individual receives. I have seen autoimmune disease in one generation be congenital disease in the next. The energy is stored in that spring coiled DNA spiral.
Had we listened back 150 years ago to the information in the little $2.50 cent book that Compton Burnett composed, we could be in not such a dire situation as we are now. But then again this is I am certain all part of the big plan, we have lessons to learn. Vaccines are not an improvement on the immune system the creator gave us, I sure get that now!
Patricia Jordan

FOLKS I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in what we are being told about rabies and the current rabies problems. The baits are raccoon rabies chimeras with the pox viruses. Somehow, now the bat viruses are also in play in many cases.Did the ability of the bat strain to combine and reshuffle with the chimera baits happen? We don’t know. The worst thing to come out of Dr. Treje Traavic’s papers on these orphan drugs (chimeras-genetically engineered viruses) and the recombination’s and reshuffling’s taking place is that everything coming forth is unforeseen and unpredictable. Also, that there will be no way to trace the origin of these new entities. Man has with un policed and unregulated genetic engineering helped viruses overcome energy barriers, to overcome the old laws that had to do with species infections and mutation rates.. We also won’t be able to trace them as these combinations are not Natural, they are genetically engineered. The old laws that said this strain of rabies can’t cause a problem in that species because…..is out the door, all bets are off because mad has unleashed these genetically engineered chimeras into the environment without understanding what they were doing. Hindsight will tell us. The fact that now bats,skunks,raccoons are all sharing aerosol transmitted rabies is of utmost concern for the humans. Now we see this isn’t confined to bats,skunks,raccoons but now many more species than ever, river otters, beavers, bob cats, livestock-even 6 week old suckling calves. Many like a few of the humans that died without a history of a bite! Several trackable to the silver haired bat strain which has 98% lethality as this can travel right up fibroblasts.

In all due respect, I hardly think the CDC info or anyone’s info that hasn’t been watching this development is of any real value. I mean if the whole reason the RAB ID program was initiated is because they never had the scientific proof that rabies baiting was successful in the first place,…..or the environmental impact of the method, I think we need to realize the limitations on what anyone knows, for sure. Even Dr .Traavic’s cautionary words to not allow the method in his country of Norway as BIOSAFETY OFFICER, because those…those genetically engineered chimera viruses simply are not genetically stable…….is the one scientist whose words of concern I would take seriously.

The one thing we can say for sure is before rabies vaccinations, we had less problems with rabies and now before genetically engineering rabies virus chimeras we had less species jumping and transmissible of rabies strains. This is working against us closer and closer to man. Indeed now the CDC lists bat rabies strains as the most often found in human cases of rabies.

I am watching this unfold and not so surprising, the US is now testing another rabies bait. Why? Was there something wrong with the other one?


Dr. Patricia Jordan

By being a peaceful spiritual activist, you can prevent this picture of a child suffering at the end of a vaccine needle!

I know this is a long one but you all  needs to get this information out to all you know and to the people in power to let them know we are no longer going to go along with the myth that vaccines are safe and they make our children and us safer and healthier. The fact of the matter is there are NO safety studies on vaccines for animals or people and that they are extremely dangerous. Please take the time to pay this forward with all you know and ask them to do the same.


Dr. Stephen R. Blake and Dr. Louie