Just this morning a dear friend of mine came up to my desk and informed me about a new drug. He was concerned about it and ask me to research it and let all his human and animal friends know about the dangers of this new kid on the block.

I asked him where did you hear about this? He replied, ” It was a full page ad on the back of my Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Journal for the month of July 1, 2011.” Fortunately he had his copy and shared it with me.

He was correct, the entire back page was filled with information on a new drug called Trifexis (spinosad+milbemycin oxime). At first I thought is said Trifecta (the first three finishers in correct order in a horse race :O)) but after reading it three times, like I was taught in medical school, I realized it was not Trifecta. :O(

The first thing I saw was a the cutest spaniel smiling at me with three bull’s eyes on his body. Red flags for sure in my book. I sure do not want any bull’s eyes on me. Makes me start to worry something bad might happen to me. :O(

Sure enough when I read the small print I saw why there were bull’s eyes on this cute puppy. The most common ADVERSE REACTION is… Drum rolllllllllllll please.

1. Vomiting. 2. Pruritus (itching). 3. Lethargy and diarrhea. If vomiting occurs within an hour after administration, redose with another FULL dose. Last time I vomited, it meant I NEEDED to rid myself of what I just ate. Now that is science for you.

But there is more.. It goes on to say, For product label, including complete safety information go to page 137. The reason this is done is so all the side effects, IE toxic reactions the drug company is required to disclose, do not ruin the picture of the Smiling Puppy. Brilliant.

So, I turned to page 137 and what did I find? Well what I found was the print was so small I had to get a magnifying glass out to read that. Ummmm I wonder why it was so small?

On we go. In their study there were only 176 dogs given the drug for testing purposes for only six months. A bit small but it cost less to feed 176 dogs than 1000 and much less for six months instead of several years. So far what they reported is what happened to 176 dogs in six months on this drug. Pretty small population to say something is safe. What would have happened to their results if they had done the study with 1000 dogs and did it for two years? Now that would have been an interesting study except for the fact these poor animals had to be experimented on in the first place :O(

They reported the following;

1. One dog had a seizure 2 1/2 hours after the drug was administered a second time. Not to worry he recovered and made it through the rest of the six month study and he was still alive. I wonder what happened to him after the six months were up?

2. Some dogs experienced (love this phrase, how do you know what the dog experienced, they cannot talk), TREMBLING,/TWITCHING, SALIVATION/DROOLING, SEIZURES, ATAXIA (WEAKNESS), MYDRIASIS ( DIALTED PUPILS), BLINDNESS and DISORIENTATION.

Here is a link to get more information on this DRUG.. http://nccs-dailymed-2.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/archives/fdaDrugInfo.cfm?archiveid=50896

Our message to all of you is to use the Seven Generation Law of the Native American People. Make sure what ever change you wish to make in this world doesn’t have a negative impact 7 generations from now, before you implement it. I do no think 6 months and 176 dogs was what our brothers were trying to teach us all. :O(

Since my friends the animals have no voice, it is up to us the stewards of the animals to speak up for them. All Dr. Louie, ALL the animals, Mother Earth and Dr. Blake ask of any of you readers to do, is please pay it forward and be the change you wish to be in this world. NOW!



The power of ONE is ALIVE and WELL!


Dr. Louie, All the Animals, Mother Earth and Dr. Blake