Dear Readers,

This is an email from one my clients telling a story about her beloved dog Buddy. I asked her if she would allow me to share her comments. She said she would love to share her words. This is what she said after I wrote her back and told her Buddy and she were my heroes for believing in holistic care and hanging in for the long hall. Please share her story, it is wonderful.
OAO, Dr Blake and Dr. Louie

“Thanks for the enthusiastic response to Buddy’s BIG news!  He has
been a dynamo lately.I only gave Buddy one dose of Rhus Tox (8 drops)…  last Tuesday,
December 21st… because his eyes have been better ever since, and   they continue improving with the 1/4 tsp in 1 cup saline mix. Asa matter of fact, they don’t even have the opaque, milky spot anymore.
His energy has been consistently better.  He races around, full of  enthusiasm…  just like his former self.  Looks happy and healthy! At this time, EVERYTHING is perfect!  Just had his first bath since
last Tuesday…  and doesn’t smell as bad as he used to, even after  one week.
Buddy’s black, elephant-type skin is also softening up and  sprouting hair.  You should see him!  His bald head and face are on  their way to being furry again.
My entire family is rejoicing and singing your praises and believing that natural health solutions can work.  Thanks to  you  and Buddy, a couple of friends are now planning to spend time at a  holistic detox center in Sedona, AZ.  (One friend has a mood  disorder and has been mega-medicated for 40 years…  and the other
one has adverse reactions to mega-prescribed meds…  and meds to  counteract the bad effects, etc…. for the past 10 years.)

The Alternative to Meds Center specializes in natural healing…  and appears to be the only one of its kind in the US… since other  centers are either strictly psychiatric, with shock treatments and  traditional meds…  or detox centers for alcohol and drug  addictions…  or health spas.

Thanks to you and Buddy… others might be saved!

Well, I hope that you, Doc Louie and your family are enjoying the holidays!

Love and Peace, Barbara J. Kiernan, Author of “Behind the School Wall