Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake want to share some exciting information about aging and what you can do to slow it down and or reverse it. We know this sounds a little far out but the proof is in the science of it and walking the walk.

Please take some time out of your busy day to read the following articles and learn more about how you can take charge of your aging process NOW.

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Can This Be The True Fountain of Youth?

As I reflect upon my first year using LifeWave Patches I have heard a lot of third party testimonials and clinical studies, but nothing prepared me for what I witnessed recently with a family member. My Father’s Wife, trusted my intuition regarding these products earlier in the year and began using them for herself. When her Mother began showing signs of memory loss and age related symptoms, maybe they could help her Mom, she thought? The family decided it was best to locate assisted living arrangements that would support in her care. During her admission with a new care facility, she with the Medical Staff & Administrators regarding using the LifeWave patches on her Mother.

The staff was very accommodating and said it would not be a problem as long as approved by the Doctor. She explained how the patches are non-transdermal, do not interfere with medicine, and she left product information for review by the Doctor. In less than 2 days she received a phone call that it was approved and the nurses would administer (apply) the patches according to her instructions.

They started placing two LifeWave Y-Age patches on her Mother daily for 1 week using a protocol submitted to the Administrators. This particular protocol utilizes the Aeon patch for brain balancing and she added the Y-Age Carnosine patch to the protocol because of previous information learned how Carnosine repairs and protect the cells.

Within a few days of using the patches everyone started to notice some positive changes in Grandma. One significant change was that she started to do things which required help in the past. Her daughter was pleasantly surprised to see her Mother laughing again and doing small tasks, such as cleaning her own dentures.

What compelled me to share this story was what I witnessed with her handwriting. Prior to using the patches, simple tasks demonstrated how aging affects motor & basic cognitive skills, therefore using handwriting as a way to assess her progress seemed like a simple enough test. See the picture below of before patching on Oct 18th and after 1 week of using the Y-Age patches. I know that some would say this is circumstantial or a lucky coincidence, but the fact that Grandma also protested that she thought the patches gave her more clarity is validation enough. Other areas of Grandma’s life has also improved for the better. The family will continue monitoring their Mother’s progress and are excited and happy for the results displayed thus far.

I hope that this true story inspires and empowers those facing the reality of caring for elderly parents or anyone with health challenges.

There are non-invasive options to improve ones quality of life. Take the time this season to find out more about these revolutionary products by LifeWave. We have arrived at a new medicine with regenerative qualities and we are tapping the potential of the Truth, that we can age and be in very good health.

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New Study Shows Carnosine Helps Improve Cognitive Functioning

A recent article in The Journal of Neuroscience presents findings that indicate that targeted electrical stimulation may aid in the production of new and healthy cells in the brain, thereby promoting a boost in brain power. This study was conducted utilizing mice, so any real application of this procedure on humans is many years away.
LifeWave however has a solution that is available today.
Dr. Helen Budzynski, Ph.D. recently completed a clinical study for LifeWave utilizing our Carnosine patch. Carnosine is a substance that has been recognized for its role in protecting the body and brain from the ravaging effects of aging, as well as reversing some of the damage caused by aging. Participants in this LifeWave study were tested in their cognitive abilities before and after wearing Y-Age Carnosine patch 5 days a week, for one month.
The results of this study showed that participants who were given the Carnosine patch (as opposed to those given the placebo) achieved a statistically significant improvement in cognitive functioning. Specifically, the tests showed that complex thought processes were most effectively improved!
As a result and emphasis on the significance of this study, we are now learning that our LifeWave Carnosine patch has the potential to improve an individual’s reasoning ability, memory, spatial processing, reaction time, brain processing speed, and brain processing accuracy.
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