Dr. Stephen Blake just finished hiking the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu Mountain, Huaynapicchu Mountain and the Sacred Valley of Peru Barefoot.

In November of 2015, Dr. Stephen Blake was lucky to return to Machu Picchu for the third time. This time his feet were ready to take on the Andes with no shoes. It bit painful at times, but it is the ONLY way to get in touch with Pachamama, aka Mother Earth.

Eight days of hiking barefoot in Cusco, around Cusco, the Sarcre Valley, The Inca Trail from Cusco to Machu Picchu and two of the Sacred Mountains of Machu Picchu.

Each time I have been blessed to set foot,  literally in Peru, it has been amazing. Each time I return, I experience a deeper connection with Mother Earth and myself. I am blessed to have my guide and Peruvian brother Santiago at my side when I go on these adventures. He is my brother from another mother and another time. I have learned a great deal about the history of the Inca and Shamanism, which I hold dear to my heart.


We both share the love of Peru and Pachamama. It is an honor to be at his side. I know I will return again for another adventure and I know in my heart it is ONLY Going to get BETTER.

I have been barefooting for seven years and have walked all over the world with no shoes, in all kinds of conditions and weather. I have found Earthing to be an essential part of my daily practice of attaining optimum cell replication, aka health.

You can read about my secrets on my web site  under Imuteck Bovine Colostrum, Gemmontherapy, Essential oils, Earthing and 1-TDC.

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