This picture shows How Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie feel about their new discovery they want to share with you all.

Life Wave is an amazing line of products that allows us all to take control of the optimal potential for cell replication in our bodies. Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie feel this is such a wonderful opportunity for us all to take charge of health at a different level than ever before.

You have heard us say over and over again, “True healing is Optimal Cell Regenerations.” Simply put, we are saying that the DNA of our body is replicating itself at light speed every day of our lives. If and when it is not able to keep up with this demand, an organ or organ system fails, and that is what goes on our death certificate. It is really that simple.

The [problem is we have damaged DNA from all the decades of chemicals, poisons, excessive vaccinations, use of drugs, pesticides and herbicides exposure all of us including our best friends the animals, all have. We have and still recommend avoid all of these potentially harmful products in your lives as a first step. Second step is drink clean water, eat good food, minimal supplements that give your body what it needs to repair itself and exercise moderately every day. Thirdly help your body detox as efficeintly as possible so the body can repair the remove toxins mentioned above and repair the damage to our DNA.

Now for the exciting stuff. With the patented technology LifeWave has developed, we have a new technology to maximize the detoxification process of our bodies and see results in seconds or minutes. You heard us correctly. Dr. Louie and I have personally witnessed this amazing statement ourselves and want to share our discovery with you all and ask that you do the same with family and friends no matter where  they live.

You can learn more about this great product and order their products by just clicking this link and you are on your way to an amazing adventure with help you and your animal friends reach another level of health.

Please go to our Lifewave page and learn how Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie use these patches in their animal friends.

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OAO , Dr Blake and Dr. Louie

PS. New Study on Y-Patches and the aging and repair of skin. A must read.

New Study Shows Y-Age Patches Improve SkinResearchers used the following criteria to determine skin quality:
  • Skin secretion (e.g., hydration)
  • Skin color (pigmentation)
  • Skin texture (e.g., size of pores, skin density)
  • Amount of repair to damaged skin

The study results were overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating that the use of the Y-Age patches resulted in significant improvement in various skin conditions.

In only the first two weeks of the study, average repair of damaged skin increased by 100 percent, and by the end of the study that number was up to nearly 300 percent.

By the end of the study, 75 percent of the study group showed more than 50 percent increase in repair of damaged skin (compared to an average amount of undamaged skin of about 15 percent at the start of the study).

Study investigators stated, “In our personal opinion, there is no other product on the market that could achieve that much improvement in skin condition on so many levels in such a short period of time.”

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A recent Y-Age anti-aging study has revealed some dramatic and exciting results! The aim of the study was to analyze the effects of using all three Y-Age patches (Glutathione, Carnosine and Aeon) to determine the effects on various skin conditions over a twelve-week period. Glutathione and Aeon were worn simultaneously during the day, for 12 hours per day and Carnosine was worn at night.


Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie

Disclaimer: LifeWave products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.