thich Nhat Hanh monks
  I have been blessed to be in the company of my Buddhist brothers and sisters at the Deer Park Monastery for the past 3 years. I have been blessed to be a student of Zen Buddhism under the wings of Thay ( Thich Nhat Hanh) and it has helped me find true happiness🙏
One of the meditations I created for myself, is what I call Silent Waking Meditation.., I wrote these words about my personal experience with the practice of Mindful Waking to share with all of you.
Please enjoy my journey with this practice and do your best to welcome it into your life.
Mindful Waking
Dr. Stephen R. Blake, DVM, CVH, CVA, Usui Reiki Master, COE
The gift of waking, is a miracle. ONE must be mindful of each and every time ONE is blessed with it coming his or her way. It is the STILLNESS between being in the Ether and Being in the Physical world that defines who we are. It is the space between breathing in and breathing out that defines our Interbeing.

It is in this moment between our sleep state and being back in the physical world that we totally free. Take this moment before entering back into the world to practice your mindfulness of waking.

Keep your eyes closed, take a deep, deep, deep slow breath, SMILE BIG and do your very best to stretch this interwaking moment to the maximum. Feel the warmth of the knowing without knowing you are eternal and free. Feel the lightness of your body resting gently upon your bed. Allow every cell in your body to expand into the expanse of the Universe. With each amazing slow, deep, smiling breath allow your light to ripple to the Interstellar limitlessness of OUR Joyful Universe.

Widen your SMILE on your face and heart until you feel as if you would explode with Joy. See yourself looking back at your Joyful Earthy body and relish in the PEACE you witness shining back at you. Hold that VISION as long as you can and make it your vow for this gift of 24 more brand new hours, that you will do your best to look at all beings with eyes of compassion. Feel the FREEDOM of being in this Mindful waking Moment and the ONLY path you walk upon is the that of PEACE. Each breath and Each Step will be for PEACE and JOY in the world.

With you eyes still closed, take a deep breath, smile and gently greet all the cells in your body. Thank  them ALL for taking care of your Interbeing physcial body. See them all smiling back at you and hear them say thank you for loving us ALL. Eyes sill closed slowing check in with your breathing, smelling, hearing, touching and gentle movement of all your limbs.

Once you are finished giving gratitude to all aspects of your Earthly Body, slowing open your eyes, SMILE BIG time and rejoice in the miracle of sight. Slowly blink your eyes and feel your eyelids gently glide smoothly over the clear surface of your eye. Pause in wonder and stand rapted in Awh of the Miracle of SEEING. Relish in the gift of sight and take in every detail in the space you have entered the Earthly plain. Give thanks for all that is around you and be grateful to be LIVING in this LOVING WORLD.

Your mind wants to start old recordings of worry and suffering. Take a breath and smile back at this recording and know that it is ONLY a story about the PAST that no longer exist OR a story about the FUTURE that has not happened. Stay within the moment of the Interwaking and greet your day with the FREEDOM of being able to CONTROL your thoughts.

Before you gently rise from your bed, breathe, smile, wiggle your toes and chuckle about how great this adventure of being in this world is. Take your time getting to your feet and be mindful of the whole process of each and every movement. Always grateful for being able to enter this world.

Make all your movement and thoughts slow and smooth. No hurry and no worry. Just slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Always MINDFUL of every aspect of being a human being and sharing your joy with your beautiful smile. Let PEACE begin with your beautiful smile and do your very best to use your Mindful Waking Experience to shape every moment of your waking life on this amazing planet we call Earth.

When you move toward the bathroom, take your time and be aware of your every step and all that is around you. When entering the space of the restroom, note the lighting, where everything it is and feel each movement as you you brush your teeth, wash your hands and face, comb your hair, etc. Make sure you look into your mirror with a big Smile on your face and say I love you ( Your name) and that you appreciate everything about your physical body that allows you to move about and enjoy this world.

Make your first thoughts each morning to be  how grateful you are to be alive in this amazing world and no matter what comes your way, you will do your best to be kind to yourself and others.