Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie want to share a poem they just wrote today. Please share our words with all you know and ask them to do the same.

OAO Dr Blake and Dr. Louie

The Shaman’s Way

by Dr. Stephen Blake 2/19/2011


The Shaman is he who knows,

He does not need to know.

He knows there is wind,

He need not know how it blows.

The Shaman hears the knowing,

The knowing that is Silent.

The Silence within,

He knows it is all that has  been.

Whys are asked of him,

Silently he answers, be free of sin

Shaman,what is sin?

Lack of kindness from within.

The Shaman walks gently,

upon the rice paper of life.

Grateful for all that comes his way,

Grateful for life each and every day.

Wisdom is not something you memorize,

Not a degree, not a prize.

Wisdom is knowing that comes from within,

It has no beginning, it has no end.

When asked, how do I enter Zen?

The Shaman smiled big and wide,

He continued a gentle stride,

He walked without any sense of pride.

Humble in every way,

he smiled and continued upon his way.

Mindful of creatures great and small,

In his silence he loved them all.

The question came again,

How do I enter Zen?

Silently he turned my way,

A rainbow of kindness shined from within.

He spoke to me in a gentle way,

No judge, no victim I felt him say.

With that said, he smiled at me,

No judge, no jury, walk with me.

Time came and went,

we continued upon our way.

Enjoying every breath,

That came our way.

Again I heard myself say,

How do I enter Zen on this day?

Hours came and went,

I was feeling as if I were spent.

Without a word, without sound,

The Shaman sat upon the ground.

An Angelic smile upon is face,

In that moment I knew Life was not a race.

He then began to speak to me,

My heart bounded with glee.

What he shared with me,

Truly set me free.

My fellow shining light,

You have always been in Zen.

To reenter Zen, be silent from within,

In knowing the silence within, you will be in eternal Zen.

Wisdom is the knowing that comes from within,

Knowing is the silence that has no end.

Silence is the Zen in thee,

Welcome the silence and you will be set free.