Dr. Louie got caught with his nose in the Imutek Bovine Colostrum Jar today and has some good news to share with ALL his fans in the Ether.

Dr. Louie got caught with his nose in the Imutek Bovine Colostrum Jar today and got his mug shot taken to prove it. He told me he felt really bad and wanted to make up to Dr. Blake by sharing his take on Bovine Colostrum, Nature’s Forgotten Miracle with ALL his fans out there in the Ether.
He wanted to share the story that Bovine Colostrum saved his good buddy Dr. Blake from a very serious illness 15 years ago. He wants to pay forward the most amazing single nutritional supplement on the planet with all who wish to learn. He talked Dr. Blake into giving away one of his The Pet Whisperer Stories about my Animal Friends with any order placed in the month of May to say thank you for listening and paying it forward. To get this special order go to http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/products/ordercolostrum/ .
For those of you out there that are veterinarians or retail stores, Dr. Blake talked Mr. Joe Busuttil at Imutek (928-301-8750 or email him at joe_busuttil@yahoo.com ), to give anyone 10% discount on their FIRST order in the month of May to help get them started on this amazing supplement for their customers and clients. Just tell him Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake sent them and they are in for the 10% discount.
You can read more about Imutek Bovine Colostrum and how to order it on Dr. Blake’s website at http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/health-tips/colostrum/ .
Dr. Blake has been taking Bovine Colostrum since October of 1998 and Dr. Louie since he was adopted in march of 2007. They NEVER leave home without it.
Please pay this forward with ALL you know and ask them to do the same.
Ubuntu I am because we are,
Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake