Why is Dr. Louie SMILING SO BIG?

He just got to visit with his good friend and teacher, Mary. She told him that she no longer needs to have bilateral knee surgery. YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEE was Dr Louie’s response to the great news

He then asked her what she had done over the last three months to help her heal to the point she isn’t in need of knee replacement. Her answer was a simple one. “I have been taking the 1-TDC joint formula and using the 1-TDC cream on my knees and they are a 100% better. I also have been taking the Slowly and Surely and she has lost weight as well.

Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie havefound theat 1-TDC has helped cases where acupuncture, homeopathy, Gemmotherapy and nutrition were no longer helping. It is because of the research and his personal observations, he has been  recommending to clients and readers to consider 1-TDC for their pets’ joint health and for their own health.

Make a difference and share this with YOUR VETERINARIAN so that all of the animals in their care, can have the benefit of this truly amazing product.

The use of 1-TDC for gum health  has been well documented by the research they have done in humans and animals. The anti-inflammatory properties of 1-TDC are well documented.. These two properties of
1-TDC create a healthier environment in the oral cavity. Palatability is excellent, which lends itself to optimum compliance. This unique product has no competition in veterinary medicine for providing gum health..

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Dr. BLake and Dr. Louie are encouraging all pet caregivers to tell their veterinarians about this wonderful product. Please have them use the contact information below to help them learn more about this amazing product.

If you are a veterinarian and would like to offer this product line to your clients, email sales at olivier@elitescience.netor call Olivier at 858-240-7142 and tell them Dr. Blake referred you to get a special offer on your first order. .

Make today a great day and be the change you want to see in this world NOW.

OAO Dr Blake and Dr. Louie