Here is a great story written by one of my long time clients about her amazing cat, Louie with kidney failure shown here dinning with his dear friend Bailey.
I asked Louie’s Mom to write a story from her side of the desk about her 15 year old cat with kidney failure. When I say from her side of the desk, I mean her description of what happened between the three of us during the course of treatment.
Please share this with all you know and ask them to do the same. Dr. Louie and I call this paying it forward. :O)
Last summer Mr. Louie, age 14, was spending a great deal of time drinking and running to his litter box. I took him in for tests and he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He was given Sub Q fluids and I took him home. The recommendation was to keep giving him the sub Q treatment at home and change his diet to Hill KD.
Mr. Louie was NOT happy with the sub Q treatment and looked and acted fine, except for the excessive drinking and urination.
I knew just what to do as I have known Dr. Blake for a very long time. Around 1980, our mini Doxie became paralyzed from the waist back and I had taken her in to be put down. Dr. Blake asked if he could try acupuncture and I said yes.
He took Truffles home with him for the weekend (even letting her sleep in the bed!) and on Monday I was told to come in.
I looked down the hall and there came Truffles, walking and wagging! She lived to about 18 with Dr. Blake’s wonderful care.
Miss. Truffles when Dr. Blake knew her.

I told Mr. Louie not to worry and had a conference with Dr. Blake.
  He said treat the cat, not the test, and sent me Common Juniper, Colostrum, Feline Whole Body Support and a homeopathic remedy, Phos QA. I would mix it fresh each day, and add one more drop each day until I saw a reduced urine output. (I spent quite a lot of time counting urine balls in the litter box!). Then I would stop and start again when the urine output picked up again.

After several months, the drinking and output stayed constant and has remained so. I haven’t needed to use the drops for months.
He was also put on a high quality wet canned food…no low protein KD diet.
This spring, Mr. Louie had a problem with his hind legs and I took him for acupuncture (he’s doing well now) and had the labs repeated.
The lab tests that were high last June are now normal!
Albumin, BUN/Urea, calcium, chloride, creatinine, sodium, total protein, and bicarb…all normal.
Mr. Louie now enjoys tea parties with my little granddaughter, Bailey.
Thank you, Dr Blake!!!
Sharon Boltz