Dr. Stephen Blake is very excited to share his winter solstice health tips for the end of 2016 another amazing year on Planet Earth
First of All, the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is..drum roll please.. What is the MOST TOXIC substance on Planet Earth???? WORRY and FEAR.
Make it your goal 24/7 each day of your life to keep both Fear and Worry out of your life……They both will kill you in the end no matter how much Yoga, diet, exercise etc. you do each day.
Ubuntu circle
You are what you eat.. I am so excited to introduce a company I have known about and recommended for over 30 years to all my readers and clients. Pet Guard Organic Dog and Cat foods Company. They have an excellent choice of foods for all of your animals friends nutritional needs.  You can learn more about this amazing company and how to order their products by clicking the link below. Freshly made and shipped directly to your home or office. Give your animal friends the nutritional building blocks they need for their Doctor within them that keeps them in optimal health.
My RAW food recommendation is as it has been for many year, BARF ( Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) . Freshly made with No Artificial anything in it and it  is hormone and  antibiotic free. To learn more about and to order this excellent food for your animal friends, click this link
My recommendations for Nutritional Supplements are quite simple and provide Our Animal Friends with the essential Trace elements for optimum HEALTH.. Drum roll please 🙂
# 1 Choice is and always….
colostrum 24 ounce
Bovine Colostrum.
You can read about it, how to order and dosing it for your animal friends at web page below..
The Edge algea
# 2 Choice is the amazing…
Algae , The Edge .
This amazing super green food sustained me for 1300 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail and here at home. It is Nature’s forgotten Green Miracle Food. You learn more about it and how to order by clicking the link below. This is an excellent supplement for helping you and your animal’s detoxification process, joints and skin.
1TDC 90 gel capsule picture
For Specific Joint issues I have found a very simple food supplement can make a huge difference in the health of Our Animal Fiend’s joints and gums by taking 1-TDC ( A fatty acid supplement). To learn more about this amazing supplement visit the following link and learn all about it and how to order and dose it.
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The next part of the puzzle to Optimum Health is…
What does
HEALTH and HEALING look like?
I wrote an Article on
Mindful Healing while I was trekking barefoot on the Inca Trail of Peru on
 my way to Machu Picchu
You can access this Free download at
The reason I wrote Mindful Healing was to help animal caregivers understand what HEALTH and HEALING looks like so they could understand what HEALTH and HEALING look like, so they can be proactive in the HEALTH of their friends the Animals.
NOW for the Down and Dirty good stuff I have been teaching my clients and readers and what I do for myself. By walking this walk at the age of almost 70 years young, I can do amazing things both physically and mentally because I make this my daily practice each and everyday to achieve what I call the definition of HEALTH..
Drum Roll please LOL. HEALTH is spelled
The above products will give you the Nutritional components your Doctor within.. Dr. Albert Schweitzer said..” The Great Doctor is he or she who AWAKENS the Doctor within.”
To awaken the Doctor within you and your animal friends you must remove all blockages that interfere with the energetic and physical components of our bodies…
Avoidance of these blockages is essential to optimum health and healing. Avoid all VACCINES, CHEMICALS and DRUGS as best as you can. Never use Herbicides
or Pesticides in your yard or home respectively. NEVER use topical Parasite chemicals on your dog or cat. They are neurotic and carcinogenic and can me absorbed through your family’s skin.
Avoid watching the NEWS and or allowing your animals to be in the house if you insist on watching NEGATIVE energy on your television.
What can you do to help your body and that of your animal friend eliminate the TOXIC WASTE humans are dumping on our Earth? Avoidance is number ONE followed by having a daily practice of helping your body rid itself of toxins already in the body or from the water, air and food we take into our bodies.
My go to for decades is and has been GEMMOTHERAPY. I have written the ONLY animal Gemmotherapy book in existence (That I know of)..
 It is a simple book that can be used by lay caregivers and veterinarians to help the emunctory organs of ours and our animals friend’s bodies
 ( Organs or organ systems that eliminate toxins from our bodies, IE liver, kidney, skin, GI, etc etc etc )
You can learn all about this amazing French system or Phytotherapy ( Plant based medicine) on my web site at
Earthing is as basic as you can get to HEALING. Earthing is making physical contact with Mother Earth with your skin. The average Human being in our culture never touches the Earth in a day. Sad but TRUE.. Rubber shoes, tires on our cars, carpeting, artificial flouring, wood, tile, are ALL insulators and prevent us from coming in contact with the GREATEST HEALER on planet EARTH, Mother Earth.
Check out my writings on my we site at
I have studied with the Master Teachers of Mind, Body and Spiritual Healing.
I have learned from Lao Tzu that Knowing is NOT knowing ( Short 21st Century version please, GET out of the WAY) Do not over think healing or health. To many minds spoil the recipe for OPTIMUM health.
I always default to my brother, teacher and animal totem, brother Wolf for guidance. I put the question of what should I do in Wolf language and do my best to listen without listening.
I feel the logic of what my Wolf brother teaches me.. IE.. A Wolf never carries a BQ into the woods 😉 A Wolf eats bones and does not stack them up next to his meal because someone said bones are bad for you. He eats what he can catch and does not worry about rotating his proteins, eating his salad before or after his proteins etc. He does NOT worry about tomorrow or what is next door neighbor did yesterday, HE lives in the MOMENT always. He does NOT calculate how many calories he needs each day and how much water he must drink, HE KNOWS without knowing.
Orang and Dog pictures
OUR oath as healers and caregivers is ALWAYS the SAME,
Drum Roll please…..
Prevent suffering and do NO HARM..
Keep it simple and stay out of the way of the body healing itself.
Keep your thoughts, actions and deeds
positive. Be the Dog, Cat, Horse, Pig, Goat, Elephant etc
you are having any negative thought about them and ask yourself if you would like your best friend having these same thoughts
 about YOU?
Start your day early enough so you can enter the brand new 24
hours gifted to you with a positive attitude of gratitude for the gift of YOUR new day.
Make time in the morning for showing LOVE to your loved ones aside from taking them out for a pee/poop, food and water. Let them know how special they are in your life and that you know they are the
here to remind
 us who we
We are SPIRITS having a SPIRITUAL experience in a PHYSICAL FORM.
The Animals know this without knowing and are here to
REMIND us to do OUR
BEST to be WHO we REALLY are.
Love is what the Universe consists of and that is what we ALL are, part of the entire Universe.. Our goal is to awaken the unrevealed GOOD in ourselves and help other to do the same.
Africa Bushman fluting
Please share my heart felt words with all you
and ask them to do the
I call this paying it forward.
Ubuntu ( Zulu for We are All ONE )
Medicine Man ( My Pacific Crest Trail Tag)
Dr. Stephen R. Blake B.S., DVM, CVH, CVA, Usui Reiki Master, Shaman, Medicine Man
 Enjoy your PERFECT ride on the TSUNAMI of PEACE that is upon OUR world NOW..
Ubuntu .
Medicine Man