Why is Truckee kissing Dr. Stephen Blake Big Time?

The reason Truckee, aka an avalanche rescue dog Dr. Blake knows in South Lake Tahoe, is because…drum roll please…Dr. Blake has shared all of this information with him and he agrees that HEALTH is spelled OCR, Optimum Cell Replication. To achieve OCR, one must avoid toxins, drink and eat healthy food, exercise, be kind and compassionate to all creatures great and small, including yourself:) BIG TIME. This is what HEALTH and LIVING looks LIKE ! 🙂

I have created this page to help all creatures great and small do their very best to find OCR ( Optimum Cell Replication) or in other words, awaken the doctor within them to achieve optimum health.

Over the past 43+ years as a veterinarian I have discovered many products that help optimize the healing of our bodies. My rule has always been to keep it as simple as possible and to always make my goal to prevent suffering and do no harm in the process of healing.

This next part is for animal caregivers, veterinarians, pet stores, health food stores and any business who is trying to help animals and people.

My First #1 go to nutritional supplement is Imutek Bovine Colostrum. I have been taking and recommending Bovine Colostrum for the past 18+ years since it saved my life and has helped improve the lives of thousands of animal and people.

You can read all about what I call Nature’s Forgotten Miracle on my website


The company does not allow individuals to order directly from the company but you can order off my web site.


For businesses, Imutek will set up a wholesale account for you and as long as you mention that Dr. Stephen Blake aka Dr. Colostrum recommended you order from them, you will receive a 10% discount on your first order over $100.00.  This IS aGreat offer on an amazing product. All you need to do is call them at +1 (970) 493-7033 and mention my name and you will be on your way to having the most amazing nutritional supplement available for your clients and customers.

The Second #2 amazing product line is GEMMOTHERAPY. This is 60+ year old system of PYTOTHERAPY ( Plant based medicine) for detoxing and strengthening all systems of the body. I became aware of Gemmotherapy in the mid 1980’s and have recommended it ever since. You can read about and order it off my website at.


I would suggest you order my book off my  Gemmotherapy For Our Animal Friends and use it daily for preventing and caring for your animal friends.


The Third #3 Amazing product is The Edge Algae from Klamath Lakes Oregon. This is truly and amazing complete green food I have used for myself, family and animal friends.

You can read about and order this nutritional supplement from my website at this link.

You can also order directly from this link   http://theedgeup.ca/?aff=9

The Fourth #4 Amazing product is Essential Oils by Young Living Essential Oils. I have been using their wonderful products for over 20 years for my family, patients and myself. You can learn more about them on my website and how to order them at this link


When I was first introduced to these amazing oils, I had not idea their potential for helping in the OCR of Mind, Body and Spirit HEALING and HEALTH. My first case was a rupture cruciate in beautiful Canine who came to me to avoid surgery. Her owner was an expert on Essential oils and asked if she could use Lemongrass along with what I was suggesting with acupuncture, homeopathy, phytotherapy and Laser therapy. My answer was.. drum roll please…” I have no experience with essential oils and if these have been tested on HUMANS and proven to be safe, I am all in.” The rest is history. :). Within a month she was completely sound and never had a problem after that. I support ONLY products that have been tested on humans to be safe and do no harm. I do not support animal testing in a form. My motto will always be the same, “I do my best to prevent suffering and do NO harm in the process.”

The Fifth  #5 supplement is also an amazing nutritional supplement that is excellent for helping all creatures great and small have optimum health for their joints and gums. 1-TDC is very easy to use and the animals will eat it on its own, even our Zen Masters the Feline. It can be used topically or orally and is an excellent supplement for treatment and maintenance of joints and gums. Please check out what I have written about it and how to order it for both veterinarians, doctors, natural health care givers and animal caregivers like you and me.

All I ask for my time and effort is that you share my work with all you know and ask them to do the same. I call this paying it forward. I also ask that all who learn from my web site support my work by purchasing from my web site or sharing the wholesale information with their veterinarians, health care providers, health food stores, pet stores, etc.



Make today a great day and always do your best to prevent suffering and do no harm… My favorite quote is … “The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it!” BE THAT PERSON and just DO IT!

Blessings from Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie Blake (The ONLY Canine Veterinarian in the WORLD) 🙂