Why are these two good buddies looking so somber?
The following words are those of my dear friend and fellow veterinarian, Dr. Patricia Jordan ,that I would like to share with you. Please pay it forward and share it with all you know and ask them to do the same.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Stephen R. Blake
Dr. Classen has worked on this subject for over 12 years. BCG vaccine can do it, pertussin vaccines (whooping cough) can do it, Hep B is really good at doing it and this is the particular knife into my back on how vaccines, vaccines that are unsafe and unnecessary and over administered are indeed responsible for the epidemic of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome we are seeing in both humans and pets. Banfield is tracking it! In the animals and of course who administers more thoughtless vaccine protocols than Banfield?
Dr. Harris Coulter was already aware of the link of vaccines to diabetes from the rise in diabetes that started the epidemic following the use of the Whooping Cough (Pertussin) vaccine.

Dr. Classen’s work identified that vaccines; adjuvant; immune stimulation would in certain populations that secrete high levels of cortisol following immune stimulation in the first place (which protected them from developing most auto-immune diseases, however would not stop immune mediated diseases like Diabetes). Metabolic Syndrome and related Type 2 Diabetes resemble Cushingoid Syndrome and are linked to the upsurge of cortisol.
now, It is already well understood, vaccines are not safe they are not necessary and they did not save us, they are coming out of the woodwork in efforts to fill the drug companies and medical professionals whom dart the patients for sure but the truth is there are millions of humans and animals now suffering disease and poor quality of lives, development of heart disease, kidney disease and even BLINDNESS from these unsafe and unnecessary VACCINES.

The way to prevent this epidemic of diabetes and metabolic syndrome which is set to DOUBLE by 2020, is to PREVENT EXPOSURE TO UNNECESSARY IMMUNOLOGICAL CHALLENGES! Which is VACCINES!

Vaccines did not “save us” they are in truth KILLING US and the pets who receive them as well.

Now, can this vaccinosis be reversed to salvage the lives of those victims of vaccination????? This is the challenge, to save those victims of vaccination. You can find scientific publications on the diabetes as auto-immune disease when cytotoxic T cells kill the pancreatic cells, Langerhans cells that take up antigen and become therefore marked for destruction, you can find the work of vaccines causing diabetes and such as an immune mediated disease and you can find evidence where the proteins of cow’s milk, wheat and soy are diabetogenic. However, the majority of cases are indeed the Type 2 Diabetes and Dr. Classen has identified the link to Type 1 & 2 & 3 (Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome) all the effect of VACCINE ADMINISTRATION.

I have other papers if anyone is interested in bonding the damage of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome indeed to vaccinations. Have some compassion for how hard it is for all of these epidemic of children, adults and animals to survive this travesty, knowing this is the results of our National Childhood Vaccination Program here in the US, the continual call to vaccinate propaganda from those sources whom profit for selling vaccines and that indeed includes out government since they fund the drug companies and biotech industries with money from our SOCIAL SECURITY funds.
There simply is no excuse for the animals being vaccinated into this metabolic nightmare and I pray all responsible parties will be held accountable!


Dr. Jordan