Why is Dr Blake Smiling So, So BIG?

Guess what happened on the way to the market today? You got it, I got a call to go hang gliding with an amazing pilot with more world records than you can count. ONE minute I am driving in the rain in the mountains and the next minute I am jumping off the cliff at Torrey Pines Glider Port in my home town, of San Diego.


The wind was gusting and with a bit of a bite in it. The skies were brilliant blue and the ocean was in all its splender, waiting for us to fly over her. There was a little accident with a kite just before we launched, which made this adventure just that much more interesting. No one was hurt in the kite accident but it did add a little bit more to the adventure of jumping off a cliff with a strap holding you to a kite and nothing but air below you for hundreds of feet.

Here is a link to the Pilot, John Heiney’s website I would recommend veryone check out.


http://www.johnheiney.com/video/video.html . My plan is continue my lessons and become a hang glider pilot so I can continue to soar like my brother the Hawk.

After I got home from this amazing experience, a poem came to me in my sleep. I have included it below to share with you all. After you read my poem, I have included some clips from my hang gliding experience for all to enjoy.

It has been a week since I flew and I am STILL FLYING HIGH. lucky ME. All I could think about when I was jumping off the cliff was, IF YOU ARE NOT WALKNG ON THE EDGE, YOU ARE TAKING UP SPACE. :O) This definitely was walking on the edge. :O) Before I got the call that day to fly, I saw 6 Red Tailed Hawks in a row and I knew this was going to be another amazing day and IT SURE WAS THAT.

Hanging From The Sky


Dr. Stephen R. Blake

As I hung from the wonderous sky,

I knew I was the apple of Spirit’s Loving eye.

Moments before, I had jumped from the cliff below,

In that moment, Spirits presence I did know.

The phone call had come,

In my heart, I knew I was going to have some fun

My new friend, John Heini had come my way,

This was surely going to be another amazing day.

I was blessed to fly,

With a human Hawk of the sky.

He is known far and wide,

As the pilot you want have at your side.

Together we stood at the cliff’s edge,

Nothing but air between us and becoming a veg.

Calm as we could be,

We jumped into the air with a yippeee.

Two kids of old,

Soaring on a wing, oh so bold.

A gust of wind had lifted us high,

We were two brother Hawks of the sky.

I felt my brother the Hawk inside of me,

In that magic moment we were both so free.

Free to be wise, wild and free,

Just like two children screaming with glee.

My new brother was a hawk of old,

With a heart of a lion and oh so bold.

In his quiet way,

He made my day.

Few words were spoken that day,

Two big smiles was all we had to say.

Hanging by a single line,

My heart was soaring and there was no time.

When my  Hawk brother said to me,

Time for you to fly, and be free.

I knew in my heart,

John and I would never be apart.

Far down below, people so small,

In the silence, I knew I would never fall.

No fear, no worry,

No judge and no jury.

As we banked into the wind,

In my heart, I knew my spirit had no end.

As I glided along the cliffs of Torrey Pines,

I knew I was a Samarei warrior without to many minds.

As we soared into the sun,

I knew we were just two kids, having great fun.

Silent Puffs of colorful clouds,

Removed all mind chatter of the world’s great crowds..

Being a Hawk brought out the best in me,

No matter what comes my way, I will always be free.

Thank you, thank you, brother John,

For teaching me there is no wrong.

Each and every day,

I know brother Hawk will show me the way.

See  truth with clear eyes,

Never buy into the judge and jury’s pack of lies.

Hanging from the sky,

I know we are one and I know why.

We are all one shining light,

Shining together we are all Love oh so bright.

These pictures and video, say it all. THE message is “We dream the world we life in. It is not just a conicidence!” James Hubble . http://ilanlaelfoundation.org/about/james-hubbell/

Albert Einstein put it this way. “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Imagine a world free of drugs, chemicals and vaccines as we know them today. :O)

Make today a great day and please share this post with all you know and ask them to do the same.

Here is a clip from my adventure for all to viewand share. SMILE, BREATHE and BELIEVE



Dr Blake and Dr. Louie