Kissing a Llama in the Sacred Valley of Peru May 2018 was the highlight of Medicine Man’s 14 day journey in the Andes of  Peru for the 4th time. Magic is what Medicine Man feels when he walks bare foot in the Peruvian Andes. 

On this day, the 136 day of the year 2018, the best day in the history of this world we call planet Earth Medicine Man is ALIVE AND where is HE today ?

AND the answer is????? He is back home in his home office in San Diego finishing an  IMovie about his recent trip to Peru ❤👍

AND the BEST news is his  feet are NOT talking to me as much as they have been for the past 12 days in the Andes of Peru LOL 😜✌👍❤

Where ever he travels in the world, he is accompanied by his Native American Flutes and his bare feet. He has been blessed to have excellent health and mindful mind. Where ever he travels he always brings a SMILE to share with all who come his way and of course a song from his flute. People ask him,“Why do you not wear shoes?”

His response is always the same, “To be able to feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth and hear her words of wisdom.” He has been Earthing for over 10 years far and wide; Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada and America. You can read more about Earthing on his Earthing page on his website.

The next question that comes up is …..drum roll please…“How old are you?” On his fourth trip to Peru in May of 2018, his response was and is…..”I will be 71 years young on May 26, 2018.” and “I am ALIVE!”

The people asking this question are usually much younger and then ask …..”How do you do that at your age?”  His answer is always the same….” I do my best to practice what I teach my clients, family and friends about HEALTH!”

To learn what Medicine Man aka Dr. Stephen R. Blake, B.S., DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master, Ama Deus Shaman, Medicine Man and Human Being does to accomplish all he does in this world we call planet Earth, explore his link below.

Enjoy his video and feel the Joy Of Being ONE with Mother Earth/Pacchamama.

Aho and so it is Medicine Man .

Here is the link to Medicine Man’s web site on how he is able to do what he does 10 days shy of his 71st Bday in this world we call planet Earth ❤✌✊😎🌎😜

Dr. Blake aka Medicine Man’s list of supplements he recommends for Optimum Cell Replication aka HEAL-TH !