This is the amazing patch combination Dr. Blake used to help his mailman Jeff, make an amazing recovery from years of back pain. Only a few weeks ago, Jeff had been out of work for several months due to chronic back pain that had gotten so bad he could not do his job as a mailman.He was told, surgery was his only option left because the pain medications were no longer reducing his suffering and or he was allergic to them. He researched the back surgery statistics and decided the risk wasn’t worth it.  He was back at work on Tylenol which only made his suffering bearable to go back to work in less pain.

In Dr. Blake’s previous blog a few weeks ago, he mentioned how he had treated Jeff and how quickly his pain level dropped from 99+% in less than 10 minutes.

It has been about two weeks since Dr. Blake saw Jeff and here is what he had to report this morning at 9:30 AM PST Monday the 18th of April. Jeff said he ordered the Ice Wave patches and has been using them as needed ever since. He spent all day at Disneyland with his nieces and nephews and guess what? His words..”I felt like a kid and had a blast with ZERO back pain.” He also told Dr. Blake, he usually would wake in the night with pain which made using the restroom difficult for him. Last night, he had ZERO pain and the best night ever.

All of this has taken place in less than three weeks time. Not that everyone will have the same results but just the fact there is a chance it can help with NO side effect is a gift. The company also gives a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results you get from using their product.

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