Here are three of my wonderful, healthy patients smiling back at us all with a story to share. Ubuntu 🙂
I Love it when ONE of my clients shares their journey from allopathic health care to Natural Health Care. Makes me SMILE big time . She asked that I share her story about her little four legged friend Baby and her two small two legged young children with all who wish to read and learn.
     The beauty of all these stories to me is that what I give my animal patients to help heal themselves, has been tested thoroughly on humans and found to be safe and effective long before I use it on my animal patients. Both the Two legged and Four legged critters I treat, do not know what PLACEBO means, all they know is it tastes good and they get better. Yippppeeee what a way to get healthy.
All three were treated with Imutek Bovine Colostrum, Gemmotherapy and Classical Homeopathy.
    Please pay this forward and put hope into other beings who are in search of true healing.
Ubuntu I am because we are,
Dr Blake and Dr. Louie
Dear Dr Blake, here’s Baby’s story:
Baby joined our family when she was just four weeks old. It was much like having an infant….she could barely walk, was fed on puppy formula and kept us up all night long. We loved her and swore to be perfect pet parents.
After about a year, Baby started struggling with health issues. They started off with mild cases of diarrhea and vomiting and then progressed into more serious cases that required hospitalization due to dehydration. From there it continued to being diagnosed with pancreatitis and then a slipped disk in her spine. Baby seemed to be in a constant state of pain or distress.
She stopped being playful, seemed depressed and was not friendly AT ALL with our two children Miles and Layla. In fact, she spent most of her time as far away from them as she could get. The last major episode Baby had with pain was frightening. She was trembling and crying. We started to take her to our regular pet hospital, but thankfully thought twice. We were frustrated and realized that she was being seen over and over for the same symptoms but somehow she kept getting different diagnoses….different medications and was even placed on prescription food. But she wasn’t getting better.
We finally had our “aha” moment. We remembered our good friend Dr Steve. We had no idea what homeopathy was, but we knew what it wasn’t and decided to try something new.
Our first appointment was a miracle all it’s own. When Baby and I left the house to go visit her new doctor, she was trembling with pain. Panting and crying, not wanting to be touched.
We sat down in Dr Steve’s office and as we were talking, Baby suddenly seemed very calm. She even sat up straight right next to his chair and let him pet her. Well, we left his office that day with an optimism that we simply didn’t expect.
Armed with written instructions and a nice supply of colostrum, Gemmotherapies and homeopathic remedies, Baby’s trembling disappeared and hasn’t returned. Every day we have seen a little piece of her come back.
Today, my two year old daughter calls Baby her best friend. Its not uncommon to find Baby calmly laying next to the kids or jumping into their laps. She plays with toys, does tricks like high fives and can play chase. We never expected that our kids would be able to enjoy having Baby around or that Baby would enjoy them.
Most recently, our Miles came down with a virus that made him incredibly ill. I was exhausted from caring for him all night and realized I hadn’t fed Baby. I filled her bowl and waited for her to come running. When she didn’t come I became worried and searched the house for her. When I found her, I cried. She was on the floor next to Miles’ bed. She was just sitting there watching him like a little soldier on duty. She made eye contact with me and I understood her message. We are so thankful for Dr Steve. Without his wisdom Baby just would not have been well enough to care about her human brother and sister.
On a side note, I’d also like to tell you about Miles. Miles developed a very sudden fever Wednesday night. It was just over 103…. high enough to send me into a mommy panic. He was sleeping, so I decided not to wake him and give him Tylenol. Instead, I stayed up watching him breathe until morning came. Thursday morning he was sick and cranky. Something put your voice in my head, and since he made it through the night without fever reducing medication, I decided not to use it at all. Instead, I focused on making him comfortable in other ways….. Ice chips, cold wash cloths, colostrum 🙂 and an endless supply of his favorite shows online.
The next day he was the same. My head immediately went to urgent care. I thought I should take him to the hospital right away. But the voice came back. I looked at Miles and reason came back to me. “If I take him to urgent care, they’re just going to give him Tylenol for his fever and tell me he has a virus that should go away in a few days. But he needs the fever to fight the infection. Currently he is breathing normally, his heart is beating, he’s alert….” So I didn’t take him in. Well, today is Saturday and he’s congested and tired, but the fever is mostly gone and he’s a happy, smiling little boy who is getting better on his own. 😉 Amazing!
Thank you Dr. Steve,
Baby and her family.
   Flute in waterfall
Dr Blake Playing his Native American Flute in a water fall in Sequoia National Park for PEACE. Please hold PEACE in your heart NO MATTER what the MEDIA says or the PRESIDENT or any member of OUR Congress.
I am becasuse we are ALL ONE.
Doc and Doc.