Day 75, 1100 miles and I made it to Lake Tahoe all in one piece, amazing. Resting here for a few days with my lovely wife Charene and friends. Need to fatten up for the next 1600 miles to Canada. The pucker facter (fear meter) has been 2000% so far and I know it is going to get less intense going north from here. This is the most challenging mental and physical adventure for this 69 year young Medicine Man 🙏
I am so grateful for this opportunity to see what this human being can do with his physical body in this world🙏 Oceans of Peace✌️✌ and ❤️ love✌️❤️ Please share🙏❤️✌️

I have included a new I movie I made of part of the PCT and me to share. Please enjoy and feel LIVING on the edge through me and my adventure with living on the edge doing my best to not take up space in the Universe

Visit my web site below to learn how I prepared and what I eat and do that allows me to cover 15 to 25 miles a day through some of the most challenging trails in our beautiful country at . Please share and always do your best to be mindful in all that you do, think or say. Amandala Awethu Ubuntu. Oceans of Peace
Medicine Man aka Dr Stephen Blake