Dr. Blake and his dear friend the Mr. Llama
Have a Miracle to share with you all.
A miracle you can make happen if you only choose to step out of the box!
My dear friend Dr. Nicholas just contacted me and shared the following story about a gentleman who had suffered a massive stroke 4 months earlier. He had been left with a left sided paralysis and no hope from his doctors.
The link below is to a video of man that Dr. Nicholas patched with the head protocol on a June trip to Kansas.
This is a 42 year old male that Dr. Nicholas patched with the head protocol. Paralyzed on the left side – speech difficulties, drags his left leg and uses a cane to walk. During his visit to Kansas – he went by his house in the afternoon and patched him. He only had 5 minutes before he had to leave to do another meeting. After about 2 minutes he could speak clearly, walk, have full range of motion with his arm and open his hand. He was blown away. He called about 4 hours later while he was doing another meeting and said that all of the paralysis had come back. His wife brought him over to the house where he was and Nicholas repatched him. He changed again right before everone’s eyes. Unfortunately he was not videoed before the patches 5 minutes earlier. Listen to his story to hear what his life was like five minutes before he was patched.
Dr. Nicholas and his wife Dr. Joan have talked with him many times since their trip and he is doing great!
For those of you that have started a book of various protocols …. attached is the head protocol that was used on this person. Dr. Nicholas used a glutathione on the top of the head instead of the white energy and stacked an Aeon on top of that.
I have attached the head protocol as recommended by LifeWave for those who are using the patches or if you do not have LifeWave Patches go to www.lifewave.com/thepetwhisperer and order your patches. Check out my page to learn more about the different patches and the best way to order for the best pricing.
Please share this post with anyone you know that has any head issues. There is nothing to loose and everything to gain.
Sincerely yours,
Dr Stephen R. Blake and Dr. Louie
Helps bring left and right side of the brain hemisphere into sync and achieve Alfa wave
state in the brain, a relaxed and healthier level of being.
Helps enhance brain activity.

Use 5 Energy Patches, two Tan and three White for 30-60 minutes every day or
whenever needed. Sit in a quiet place and relax. Do not engage in any activity
whilst doing this protocol.
Always drink plenty of water using this product.
Place a White Energy Patch in the
middle of the forehead (Governing
Vessel 24).
Place a Tan Energy Patch in the
middle of the neck one finger below
the skull (Governing Vessel 16)
Place on White Energy Patch on the
right temple just above and in front of
the ear (Triple Warmer 20.5)
Place one Tan Energy Patch on the
left temple just above and in front of
the ear (Triple Warmer 20.5)
Place one White Energy Patch on the top of the head in the
midline and above the ear (Governing Vessel 20) (Dr. Nicholas used a Glutathione and Aeon Patch stacked on this point instead of the White Energy Patch as suggested in the Lifewave protocol)