Why is our wise friend Mr. Coyote looking so concerned?

The reason is quite simple. He just discovered yet another example of S.W.A.G. gone bad. ummmmm I am sure you are asking, “What does S.W.A.G. stand for ?” And the answer is

Scientific Wild Ass Guessing. In this case it is a 4+ on a scale of 4. 4 being the Darwin Award, which I am sure you all know what that is for. STUPIDITY :O(

So here we go again with more S.W.A.G. killing people world wide with no science behind it, only opinion. Unfortunately according the New England Journal of medicine, at least 85% of allopathic medicine is based on opinion. Sad but true.

Now for the S.W.A.G. 4+ award of the day. Drum roll please.

     Heart Disease Deaths Four Times Higher With Low Salt Intake :O(

Dr. Louie and I wrote about this over 30 years ago and no one listened. If salt was so bad for everyone, don’t you think the Creator would have taken it off the table of life? NOT

Dr. Louie and I are asking you to save the life of someone you know and share this web link with them and their families. While you are at it, tell them it is safe to go out in the sun and eat eggs. :o) toooooooooooooo.


In my new book to come out this year, I have a whole section I call Urban legends, which Salt S.W.A.G. will surely be in it. In the mean time, enjoy my other two books which are on my web site to learn more about how to stay healthy and what the animals have taught me.

Also do yourself, family, pets and friends a big favor and read what Dr. Louie and I have written about our latest discovery, LifeWave. .ammmmmmmmmmmmmazing stuff.  We both ware our patches every day and are doing GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. :O)



Blessings to all critters of the Universe.

Please share our web site with all you know and ask them to do the same. We call this paying it forward.

Dr. Blake and DR. Louie

One of Dr. Louie and my friends in Florida doing her thing….. flying :O)