Medicine Man aka Dr. Stephen Blake with his young Bushman friend in West Africa.



Day 65 the year 2018, the best day in the history of this world we call planet Earth and  guess where Medicine Man is???? ✊❤✌

And the answer is???? Drum Roll please  .. At the Toyota Dealership in Poway California in SUNNY   San Diego at a burrrrrr 48 degrees F and SMILING big time  and of course he is sipping on his Nectar of the God’s aka Organic High Desert Coffee with organic butter, organic sugar, organic cream, Nature’s Forgotten Miracle ( IMUTEK Bovine Colostrum) and of course MINDFUL MODERATION ALL mixed together in PERFECT Harmony Siempre…WHICH he brought with him to have his NECTAR of the GOD’s experience while he waits for his Rav4 Hybrid Toyota get its 30,000 mile service LOL  PS I love my Rav4 big time  ❤

Today I was greeted by the GIFT of another day on planet Earth and I AM ALIVE ❤✌

This photo came from the Ether on my I phone 6+ today and it reminded me of how blessed we ALL are to be in this world we call planet Earth and to have food to eat.  ❤

At the same time I received this message from my brother of another mother, Don Miguel Ruiz and family.

The photo was taken of my young Bushman friend I met in west Africa in September of 2015 on a 1000 mile mountain bike ride from Victoria Falls Zimbabwe to Cape Town South Africa. He and his family consisting of a wife and child, lived on the desert with nothing but what they had on their backs. They dug up roots from the sand and lived a spartan life, with a BIG ASS SMILE on their faces and grateful for each day.  ❤

I showed him how to play my Native American Flute and we walked bare foot as brothers of another mother in love and peace upon Mother Earth with warm sand between our toes, laughing and smiling all the time. ❤

I shared his simple food and was grateful for all of my blessings. The proceeding year in Peru while trekking in the Andes Mountains I wrote, drum roll please Mindful Eating which I wish to share with all of you with this link.  ❤

These following words just came to me from my brother, friend and teacher, Don Miguel Ruiz and his family about food, which is a gift that keeps on giving and ONE which we tend to take for granted in this country.  ❤

Dear Dr. Stephen Blake,

Take a few moments to quiet your mind, open your heart, and reflect on these words being offered to you today.

Food is also love, and when we enjoy our food, when we really taste it and feel the texture, it is one of the most sensual experiences we can have.

You have all our love.


don Miguel Ruiz

don Jose Ruiz

don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

When you are blessed with your next gift of food, remember Medicine Man’s words about Mindful Eating and you will have an experience beyond words, as you TRUELY experience the MAGIC of eating in this world we call Planet Earth.


Here is my link to my website on how Medicine Man stays HEAL-THY in this world we call planet Earth.

Make today a great day, share your beautiful SMILE  with all that come your way and SMILE \uD83D\uDE04 when you are alone and do your best  to walk on the edge of life and NOT take up space in the Universe!”❤✌



Medicine Man ✊❤✌