Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie just recieved this note from their dear friend,
Buddy Love.
He has been under their care for over a year. When he came to them he was so ill, his owner was considering euthenasia due to his state of health. He had been chronically ill for many years and had reached a point in his life where he had very little quallity of life.
Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie call Buddy, Miracle dog!. When you read his latest letter to Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie, you will see why they call him the miracle Dog.
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Dear Dr. Stephen Blake and Doc Louie, I jus wanted to say, “Aloha” from the Beach. Had so much fun jogging along in the sand for a couple of miles. Most of all, I LOVED kicking up the sand and digging a great big hole. It was so comfy and cool sitting in the hole. Lots of action! There were up to 10 foot swells and lots of boogie boarders and skim boarders were splashing around.
Thanks again for giving me a brand new life! Now, I have lots of new hair on my ears and stomach. So much new hair that Barbara had to call the mobile pet groomer. He was amazed! He has been coming to the house to groom me ever since Barbara first found me… and he is so happy that I recovered so miraculously. I guess he thought I wouldn’t make it last year, when I started losing all my hair and my skin turned black. But now he and Barbara are rejoicing at my comeback… and they think I look like a miniature golden retriever.
Thank you for performing a miracle in my life.
Love and Licks, Buddy Love… XOXOXXOXO
Please share our dear friend Buddy Love’s story with all you know and ask them to do the same. We call this paying it forward.
Dr Blake and Dr. Louie