This is amazing story about my adventure with the largest mammals on the Earth, The Blue Whales!
A month or so ago, I received an invite from my friend Carole of the north to view Blue Whales off the coast of New Port Beach California. I was not aware that we had Blue Whale migrating so close to our home in San Diego and could not pass up the opportunity to meet more of my friends, the Ambassadors of Peace, my brothers and sisters, the whales.
You can read more about my experiences with other whales on my whale page. Please take the time out of your busy day to learn from our brothers and sisters, the Ambassadors of Peace aka whales.
We traveled north to meet with my friend and board a whale watching boat, docked in New Port Beach. It was a perfect day to be upon the inky blue sea and she was as calm as she could be. Gently we glided out into the open sea, with great expectations to witness the majesty of the Earth’s largest mammal passing through the open sea.
After a half hour we heard the captain announce blows ahead. We strained to see what he was seeing. It turned out the siting was a mile away and we could hardly make out the blow from our friends the whales. I for one was hoping for a close encounter of the Third Kind :O)
Time passes slowly and from time to time the captain would announce another blow from 1/2 to 1 mile away. After about an hour I realized, this was what they usually got on whale tours because the whales chose not to be any closer than a 1/4 mile to a mile away before they would dive to avoid lookie-loooos.
I had completed my third level of Reiki and was studying for my level four Master Reiki certification at the time. Reiki is a Japanese Energy modality of healing that has been around for centuries. I figured I had nothing to loose by Reiking the entire area around the boat for a mile in every direction. I used the standard healing principles and set my intent on helping to heal all whales in our area and to ask them if they would be so kind as to surface as close to our boat as they felt comfortable in doing so as sign of their appreciation for the healing work I was gifting to them. I made sure they knew I would be happy either way if they surfaced or not but that it would be a real treat for all the humans on the boat including me to see them up close and personal.
Guess what? In less than 5 minutes a mother and her calf surfaced just 20 feet from our boat. The crowd went crazy and rushed to the opposite side of the boat leaving me with no way to get in position to photograph them as they came up on the port side of the boat. I finally worked my way to where I could get a few pictures as she and her calf cruising by the boat to let me see her up close and personal. She and her calf were magnificent in all their glory.
Here are a couple more of the pictures she allowed me to take of her as she moved along side the boat and then away. Later on after she has slipped back into the inky blue sea, I overheard the crew explain to the passengers that in the 20 years of giving tours they had never seen a Blue Whale come that close to their boat or for that matter any other boat they knew of. They called it a miracle. I didn’t share my story with them about the Reiki I had performed and just let it go as the miracle it was.
Blow from a Blue
Mother and Calf
The point of my story is as Lao Tzu put it best, “All we are here to learn is to keep it simple, be patient and be compassionate to all beings.” That is what Reiki is all about and I believe the Ambassadors of Peace felt my heart pulling on theirs and reciprocated by giving us a drive by which will forever be in heart.
Please share this story with others and ask them to do the same.
We are all shining lights and LIFE IS GOOD.
Dr Blake and Dr. Louie
Dr. Christian sums up with a open face right in Kauai,,
“Hang loose brudda and enjoy your ride on the perfect wave of life.”
Dr Christian.