Buddy Loves words love picture 2

My good friend passed over the Rainbow Bridge and left me with the following words to share with you all.

Buddy Loves words

This was on the inside of a book he sent to me about his life on this Earth. He made it very clear that he had a full life and embraced holistic medicine. With the use of Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, Standard Process glandular therapy, 1-TDC joint support, Life Wave Patches, Imutek Bovine Colostrum and a ton of love, he was able to be on this planet 50% longer than if he had not chosen this path.

His Mother and Father, have taken excellent care of him these past many years and are to commended for staying the course of holistic  healing.


This is a picture of Buddy and me at our last in person consultation. I played a special tune for him to send him on his way to Colorado to start a new life with his parents.

He will always be my Zen Master who taught me the meaning of NEVER give up, no matter what OTHERS say about you. He was told he was going to die and instead, he lived another 5 years, 8 months and 13 days inspite of what the experts told him.

Buddy Loves words love picture 2

Here is a little story about how we got together over 5 years ago.

buddy love luck with me.

I will always remember him as the little dog who would not give up no matter how tough the going got.

Buddy Loves words love picture

He asked me to make sure I shared what I had used to help him live out his full happy life with all his animal friends and their caregivers.

You can read about each of these products on my web site


Please read and share with all you know.

We call it paying it forward.

Ubuntu Awathu

Dr. Stephen Blake