This child is lucky that her best friend is not contaminated with spot-on toxins that will be absorbed into her body!
Once again Toxins are being sold to unsuspecting pet owners and harming them and their pets!
This is a news broadcast that just came across our desk. We were compelled to share it with you all and to ask you all share it with all you know. As you all know, we call this PAYING IT FORWARD.
When you watch the video, notice HOW much TIME SHE pets the DOG after Placing the Spot-on product on her dog. She is absorbing a large portion of what she placed on her dog.  They do not show the children kissing, hugging and sleeping with their best friends after these neurotoxins and carcinogens have been put on them. It is so sad!
All we ever see on the advertisements on television, radio or printed material, is how good these toxins are  for our animals and they are so safe. The dead give away they are not safe, is the warning that states. DO NOT GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
Give me a break. Is there something I am missing here? If is dangerous enough to warn me not to touch it or let my grandchildren come in contact with it, HOW CAN IT BE SAFE?
Is there something magical that happens seconds after you put this chemical on the animal and everyone hugs and kisses the chemical? THE ANSWER is NO! It is STILL JUST as TOXIC AS it was WHEN YOU PUT It on as it is AFTER it is ON THE PET!
End of STORY.
Please share these links with others as well as the previous link above. Your sharing could save a life of a child or animal.
Thank you for taking the time to read our post and for paying it forward.
Blessings to all for being YOU!
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Dr. Christian, Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake