Why are Wyland and Dr. Blake SMILING so BIG?

Dr. Blake just got this news, hot off the wire about a natural method of helping Autistic children improve their level of health. Alternative medical practioners have known for years how Glutathione can help improve the quality of life for Autistic children. Main Stream Allopathic Medical Doctors have not been receptive to the use of Glutathione because they didn’t believe it  would make any difference in their patients.

Luckily the mother of an autistic child didn’t give up. She persisted in telling her physician that she wanted her child treated with glutathione to give him a chance to heal. Fortunately the Medical Doctor gave into the persistent mother and treated the child with IV Glutathione. He was amazed at the results of this simple procedure.

When you watch this video, you too will see and hear the new hope in their hearts.

Watch the video and you will see that there is hope for children with autism without drugs.

The Big Story has not been told and needs all of your help to spread the following words. The concept of trying to elevate glutathione levels by giving it IV, is a crude method of helping elevate the Glutathione to the body’s optimum levels for optimal health. It only elevated the blood levels by about 15% for a few hours.

The real story is LifeWave Glutathione Patches which will give sustained glutathione levels for as long they are worn. They also give 300% elevation above baselines before patching.

There are no side effects or need for being intrusive with an IV set.

My wish is that if anyone has any contacts that can help get this information out to the powers to be, who can get a study going with LifeWave Glutathione patches used to help the millions of Autistic children in this country and the 10’s of million of children around the world.

You CAN learn more about this amazing system and order the Glutathione Patches at


Here is a NEW video that tells the whole story about Lifewave patches and the company.

Very interesting. A must view for leaning how to take control of your health.


Thank you all for paying it forward.

Dr Blake and Dr. Louie

Disclaimer: LifeWave products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.