LifeWave’s Patches Already Ahead of New Technology

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington has indicated that scientists may be a step closer to developing a way to facilitate communication between man-made electronic devices, and the human body’s biological system. Electronic devices use negatively charged electrons to communicate while living systems, like the human body, use positively charged protons to communicate. Currently, the difference in communication channels prevents these two from being able to connect with each other, and has prompted scientists to try and find a way to move past this barrier.

While scientists still search for a concrete way for electronics to communicate with biological systems, LifeWave has already achieved this with its cutting-edge patch technology. The primary method of action in LifeWave patches lies in their ability to reflect specific wavelengths of light that cause electrical changes within the body. One notable example as observed in published research is the changing electrical potential of the skin. The patches also activate acupressure points, stimulating these points without the need for needles. The benefits of this process can provide improved energy, improved sleep, pain relief, appetite control, and a reduction in the effects of aging. What’s even better is that all LifeWave patches are non-transdermal, do not contain drugs or stimulants and needles are not necessary.

In the quest to seek a medium where electronic devices can communicate with living systems, LifeWave provides the answer that scientists continue to search for.

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Scientist are finally realizing the need to communicate with the bioelectric field of the body to aid in the healing process. Drugs and chemicals cannot heal a damaged bioelectric system and only weaken it over time. The lifewave patches as well as all energetic systems of healing rely on their ability to communicate with the electic fields of the body. To learn more about this please read what I have written at

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