Why is Dr. Louie smiling when he is walking though a valley of Foxtails?

Foxtails are sharp burrs that can work their way into the ears, nose, paws or eyes of you dogs. They get caught in the hair and then the movement of the dogs results in the barbs on the burr forcing the sharp point deeper into the body.

The  most common area foxtail can enter your dog is through their ears. Often times you are walking your dog and it gets into some weeds and immediately starts shaking its head violently. You rush him into emergency and 100’s of dollars later, the burr is removed.

For decades I have taught my clients and easy way to treat this situation so you do not end up in an emergency facilitiy where the medical bills can easily be a $1000 or more. I instruct my clients to have a small bottle of almond oil with them when they are on walks where there are a lot of weeks. If the dog starts shaking its head, you simply fill the ear with the almond oil, hold them still for about 5 minutes to let the burr absorb the oil and then let them shake out the oil.

I have them repeat this over and over until there is no more shaking. The oil casuses the burr to soften and not be as sharp. By doing this it prevents the burr from going deeper in the ear and causing more problems. Often times the burr is removed by the shaking of the head and the oil washing it out.

If this doesn’t relieve the symptoms, you must take your dog into a verterinary facility to get it out. Once the emergency is over you can wait until regular hours for your local veterinarian to check the ear out without anesthetic to make sure it is out.

Please share this health tip with all you know. This could save a lot of suffering and expense.

OAO Dr BLake and Dr. louie