Dr. Blake’s friend, Jumbo suggested he share the following amazing interview

between Suzanne Somers and David Schmidt with you all!

Here is your chance to read the last Chapter of Suzanne Somer’s book with her interview between she and David Schmidt, the founder and CEO of Lifewave. In this chapter, David does an excellent job of sharing his discovery and how it works. Easy reading and loads of information.

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THIS a NEW VIDEO you must watch to get a quick understanding of how the company came to be and how the patches work.


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New Study in from Italy worth reading as well

New IceWave Study Completed in Italy

Italian researchers have made an important new discovery: a recently completed IceWave study suggests that the pain relief effects of the IceWave patches are a result of a biochemical response in the body that causes a reduction in inflammation.

Researchers used a tool called the Bio-explorer Method, a non-invasive technology that is capable of detecting activity in the major cerebral areas as well as the major organs and systems of the body, to assess active biochemical processes. The study also examined perception of pain using a subjective test called QUID (an Italian pain questionnaire). The QUID test showed a significant reduction in pain perception.

Perhaps most importantly, the patches were shown to cause a reduction in levels of biochemical markers of inflammation. Additionally, this reduction was maintained not only throughout the time of application, but even after suspension of use, “suggesting, therefore, a stable effect over time and not just a temporary one.”

LifeWave’s Health & Science Director, Dr. Steve Haltiwanger, is very encouraged by these findings: “Through our previous medical infrared imaging studies, we were able to see a reduction in inflammation as an effect of IceWave application. This new study provides even greater evidence for the effect of the patches on inflammation, demonstrating a clear impact on the biochemical processes of the body.”

The study, titled “Biochemical Effects of LifeWave Patches using Bio-Explorer Technology,” was conducted by Drs. Danilo Toneguzzi,1 Susanna Carlovich,2 and Gaia Gini.3

To download a report of this investigative study, visit http://www.lifewave.com/pdf/Research/Research-BiochemicalEffectsLifeWavePatches.pdf.

Disclaimer: LifeWave products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.