Dr. Blake and Dr. Nicholas getting a splashing from their new buddy Santini!

We just came back from the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Keys, Florida and are still in fantasy land from our amazing experiences with our buddies the dolphins. We were blessed with the opportunity to share time with dolphins and sea lions this past week. The purpose of the visit was to help establish a holistic protocol to caring for dolphins and sea lions in human care.


As soon as we made contact with the dolphins, it was obvious to us they knew why we were there. They smiled and greeted us with open flippers. For two days we spent 10 hours a day learning all we could about their special needs and write the book on their future care. We were humbled by their athleticism and intellectual abilities. There is no way anyone can tell us, Dolphins and Sea lions do not understand our thoughts and words. Time after time, they made it very clear how connected they are to all of us and that they are truly the ambassadors of peace.


Dr. Nicholas getting a tow from Cayo and Santini. Lucky Doc :O)

The power in their 300 to 500 pound muscular bodies is beyond belief. When you are in the water with them, you realize their true size and strength. They remind me of when I was in a herd of African Elephants and they were so careful not to step on me as I treated them. The Dolphins are the same way with their strength and speed. They are very careful when they have us in their world and make sure they do not harm us with their amazing strength and speed.

As I sat and observed my new found friends, I was honored to be in their presence and more determined than ever to help them in any way I could. It is very difficult to put into words the feelings and experiences I had working with these spiritual beings. No matter what I asked of them, they were more than willing to help me discover what it was I needed to know to decide how I could help them with their individual needs. They were so magical in their ways of communicating with me, both on a physical and emotional level.

Santini made it very clear to Dr. Blake, there was no language barrier between them!

In the few hours I had to be around these wonderful loving beings, it was very clear to me they were determined to teach me as much as they could. Every minute I was working with them, they made sure they showed me something to help me decide on the way I wanted to help them. Once they figured out I was there to help him, they made my work so easy.


I had the honor of watching Kibby and A. J. play basketball races, which his trainer said she had never seen them do before. Kibby let me play his blow hole and make music. Both of these events will be up for all to view on Youtube, once they get out of editing.

You can help the dolphins at Dolphin Research Center by going to their web site http://www.dolphins.org/ and look at all the ways you can help these amazing spiritual beings. Take some time out of your busy schedules and make your day by helping these ambassadors of peace.

Make a dolphin’s day and SMILE, BREATHE and BELIEVE!

Dr Stephen Blake